Red Guitars, Red Finish Guitars

The above effect on an LSR Bolero is achieved by first staining the guitar black. Then the guitar is sanded down so that only the softer figuring retains the dark stain. Then the guitar is hand stained red and sprayed with a clear coating. This process is called enhancing the wood.


The above McNaught guitar is very poorly bookmatched, so when the enhancing was done the guitar finish looks sloppy and done wrong.
You won't see any of these in an ad for a McNaught or anywhere on his website.
Also notice the big PRS style Heel From Hell,  The original ones never looked like that.
This is just another example of a great guitar that went down the toilet.


LSR Bolero in red with no enhancement done

Red Translucent Savoy
1 year waiting time

Roya Red with Snakewood Fingerboard