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Ed Roman's Favorite Guitar Color is Green

If you like Green Guitars you are at the right website! Ed Roman's Favorite Color Is Green !!!!!

The first time I remember seeing a really nice green guitar was in the late 70's. Hamer came out with a model called the Special. Hamer was way ahead of their time; They were doing bright, vibrant translucent  blues, yellows, oranges, purples and greens. I remember being impressed with the colorful display at the NAMM Show. I ordered the full compliment of colors.

They didn't sell too well in those thrilling days of yesteryear.
People were simply to conservative  to accept much else than boring pastels & opaque finishes.


Rickenbacker with Custom Green Glow Paint Job


Retopped Steinberger Body
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Ed Roman Leslie West LSR Guitar 1996


Ed Roman Centurion Custom Made Guitar 2005

Ed Roman Viking Custom Made Guitar 2004

Zoraxe 7 String Currently In Stock

Kramer Refinished In Ed Roman's Custom Shop 1998

JET Guitars are one of the best guitars I have ever carried,
The weight & balance of these instruments is excellent.
This is a grouping of Swamp Green JET's.

Most musicians for some unknown reason tend to be conservative and traditional. I have never been able to understand or accept this, because I  firmly believe the reason that the arts exist is to foster creativity innovation and move people in a forward motion.

But Alas as I said before most musicians lean towards traditional values and are generally resistant to change.  For this reason the more radical colors never caught on until PRS was able to break the traditionalist barrier in 1993. Of course they couldn't have broke the barrier had they not hired some of Gibson's more high profile employees and reversed some of their original innovative designs to go 30 years backwards (but that's another story). Hamer of course, was not the first green guitar I had seen.  Gretsch for example, had a green model but as I recall it was a Vomit Colored Pea Green that really didn't look too good.  And it was only available on their cheapest of cheap models.


Here is a custom Headless Guitar that was built in Ed Roman's custom shop 1997.

Petrified Maple Top

 Doubleneck Quicksilver For Carl Bergen in New Jersey 1996

 Newer Ed Roman Quicksilver 2003

Ed Roman Abstract Version Neck Thru Body 24 Frets Available With Or Without Floyd Rose
Ebony Fingerboard, Real Mother Of Pearl Abalone Inlays


One Piece Neck Thru Body Construction
No Glue Joints To Kill The Tone,  No Heel To Get In Your Way

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Ed Roman Abstract Enterprize 2009



Custom Made For Shon Hodgkinson


New For 2009 The Abstract Viceroy


Ed Roman Gibson Refinish Job

Jackson Kelly, King Vee & Soloist

Jackson Warrior

Jackson Soloist

Quicksilver Body

I always have at least 5 or 6 Green PRS guitars in stock


Green Quilt  BC Rich Bass


Custom Small Body  Double cutaway Call For Prices
Also Available Solid

Green Over Ash LSR  1996

Ed Roman Abstract Maximus Model

Ed Roman Abstract Pagan Model

Ed Roman Abstract 10 String SOB Model

Ed Roman Abstract Druid Model For Mick Bowman 2004