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Burst Guitars

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A burst paint job is a lighter finish in the center & a darker finish on the edge
Originally the reason a burst was created was so that a manufacturer could use a piece of blemished wood and simply cover the blemish with the darker finish.

There are many different styles of burst paint jobs out there, Heritage Burst, Cherry Sunburst, Tobacco Sunburst, Vintage Sunburst, Honey Burst, Cinnamon Burst, Almond Burst, Old Style Sun Burst, Starburst, Fireburst Volcano Burst, Caribbean Burst, Red Sunburst, Grey Sunburst, Blackburst, Blueburst, Greenburst, Orangeburst, Purpleburst. etc

There are probably at least 100 names that I have omitted
On this page I shall attempt to give you some ideas for your own guitar.

Painted @ Ed Roman's Custom Shop 2002

Be aware most of the time               photos make a burst appear darker

Rickenbacker "Fireglo" is a tricky Burst to do

DimeSlime or Yellow Sunburst

Burst Over Marbleized Figuring
Hard to duplicate this finish

Ed Roman Blueburst Magic Twanger

Mid Priced Ed Roman Quicksilver Guitar

Quicksilver Guitar...
Technologically nothing compares
Read the comparison between the Quicksilver & PRS

This will open your eyes!!!