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Whether you want an old Les Paul or PRS re-topped or you want a new guitar crafted from scratch,
 Ed Roman can provide you with the absolute finest quality wood and carving services.

Dear Ed,

Well I have to say my Gibson Les Paul Deluxe that used to be a Gold-top came out absolutely beautiful. It was well worth the wait. In fact I really can't believe how gorgeous the guitar came out.

I realize you don't have a lot of time to read these E. Mails but I just felt that I should send you something to put up on the website for all those impatient customers you have breaking your balls everyday to get there guitars built.
Well, to any and all of those people that are so impatient to have there guitars built I have to say that Ed Roman and his staff,  Adrian, Shawn, Scott, Brian, and especially Joanne your wife all have to be the best at what they do in this business.
I now really feel like a part of a very elite family because of the professional way I have been treated by all of you. Being a guitar player for the past 37 years I have to say I've never had the pleasure of meeting and dealing with the most honest and professional people I have ever dealt with in your business.
I'm so happy with the way my Les Paul turned out its really amazing. I happen to be very fussy when it comes to that guitar because I bought it when I was 12 years old with money that I saved from cutting lawns. It has been part of my family for the past 30 years and is even older then my children.

I have so much sentimental feelings for that guitar its really hard to explain but the memories I have with it are just endless. I've used it touring up and down the East Coast with bands like Van Halen, Blue Oyster Cult, Foreigner, YES, Grand Funk, Foghat, The Allman Brothers Band, The Doobie Brothers, and the list goes on.
But Ed, you have no idea how much I appreciate all the help you gave me in making the right choices when I upgraded that
particular guitar. It means more to me then you could ever imagine. And the way it turned out is absolutely flawless from what I can see in the pictures You sent me today. I would just like to extend my gratitude to everyone that had input on that guitar Shawn from the Connecticut shop put my initials in the headstock to make up for the Les Paul model decal Gibson would not let me purchase from them.  It seems they are getting harder and harder to deal with (Gibson)
These are some of the reasons the bigger guitar builders are losing customers as myself and I'm going with you. I would never let any other guitar builder touch any of my guitars since I have met you, and I feel that anyone that might be writing some useless facts about you or your shop cannot know what there talking about. Thank you Ed, for having my guitar brought back to what I would say where it should be after 30 years. Now I guess we'll have to sit down and get something on the drawing board about the LSR. I want to have built by you!!!  

So for all the guys or ladies out there that might have their guitars being built. and the guys may have slipped a little behind schedule please excuse them. They will ultimately finish your Quicksilver or Retop job and your going to be amazed at how the guitar will be flawless. I would just like to ask all of those people to not break Ed's balls and not to call every week to see the progress on your guitar. These guys are the best of the best at what they do and I'm sure in the end you will all be satisfied. Just give them a break and remember. ALL THE WORK IS DONE COMPLETELY BY HAND. Try to buy a Gibson or PRS built that way. Its just not gonna happen.
Again I would like to thank Ed Roman and his complete staff for doing such a fantastic job on my Les Paul.  I can't wait to hold it in my hands again. Thank you all very much. Please Post the Pics I have provided below with my name and a short Bio if you'd like Ed. If you might want my personal picture for the site just let me know. I'd be more then happy to provide you with one.

Your Biggest Fan,
Charlie DiBuduo Jr


Charlie ...

As always I will continue to strive to make you happy. You have a great attitude & building guitars for you and other people like you are the only reason I still enjoy doing it.

Ed Roman


Flame Top By Ed Roman

One Of The Most Beautiful Quilted Tops In The World


Retopped With Mirrors


Gibson retopped in Flame Grey Blackburst finish

Gibson Ed Roman Retopped V Originally Built For Kevin Kallagher 1992 (Owner Brian Moore Guitars)


Beautiful Ed Roman Flame & Abalone Model

Abstract Rockingbird Guitar By Ed Roman