Guitar Set Neck Construction

Guitar Set Neck Construction

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Observe the Progression of Construction on a Set Neck Guitar

Set Neck Construction

Every now & then someone wants us to build a set neck model. (like this one).   Normally I would build this as a neck through body guitar.
Set Neck Guitars break the easiest because they are inherently less stable. None of us here are fans of any guitar with a set neck. These are by far the least expensive to build. But they tend to break. (We have more set neck Les Paul necks break than all other guitars put together.)
There are a couple of exceptions to this rule. But I can't help thinking how much better they would be if they were neck through!!!

2. I don't like the tonal transference factor.  The wood should be directly touching the wood. A set neck is always glued in, therefore you must deal with the glue gumming up the tonal transference.  On a neck through body like a Jackson, BC Rich or an Abstract you get total tonal transference benefits!

3. I don't like the fact that it's hard to reach the upper frets. The upper frets on a set neck are almost always impossible to reach. Most singlecut guitars suffer from that syndrome. The Les Paul is probably the worst offender because it has a gigantic heel and worse yet the short stubby Les Paul neck has a fingerboard that rests directly on the top of the guitar.  We sell lots of Les Paul's I just fail to understand why. (Could it be the Hype & Advertising  Mmmm......      I wonder)

By the way we normally don't offer this model as one of our standard designs.  Occasionally we are asked to Ghostbuild guitars for a certain company or customer, who may or may not,  have handbuild capabilities or their own custom shop.
These Ghostbuilt guitars are relatively rare, we have built approximately 100 guitars like this in our entire history. We generally charge about 10% more on one of these jobs because we don't derive any advertising benefits.

For example,  If you were at a concert somewhere and you saw someone playing this guitar, you would assume that it was made by Dean. Therefore if you wanted to emulate, honor or copy the guitar player as many soft minded people often do.

Below there are several pictures of the guitar after paint, These pictures are old and pixilated
I only decided to include them so the viewer can see what the wood looks like after staining.

Photos of the front & back after staining before clear coat is applied

Please take notice there is no stain or finish in the pickup cavities. 
We usually build all our guitars mounted pickups, 
there is not even a thin layer of stain between the pickup & the wood.
You may order custom cavities in the guitar at no extra charge.

"If you order one of these in an Abstract it is called an Elitist"