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Gibson Les Paul Guitars Vs Baker Guitars


Art Thompson ,"Guitar Player Magazine"
"A Baker proves that when it comes to building a Les Paul style guitar, the devil is in the details."

 Baker Guitars Start at Only $999.00 Call for Details
You can buy a loaded one with a killer top for as low as $1,395.00
(702) 597-0147


Why Is A Baker Better Than A Les Paul ?
Quick & Dirty Description

Less than half the price but the quality is just as good if not better
Full Unlimited Warranty Gibson offers only limited warranty
New Modern Design
Nicer Wood Standard
24 Frets Standard
Much Longer Faster Neck
Available With Kahler Tremolo
Ebony Fingerboard Standard
Gold Hardware No Charge
Grover Tuners Standard
Push Pull Pots
Split Coil Pickups
Matching Headstock
Many options available that Gibson does not offer !!!!

Detailed Description Below

Comparison & Commentary By Ed Roman
Updated MAY 2008

Baker to Les Paul Comparison
Lower Cost Baker Compared To Les Paul Std. 59 Reissue or Classic
Absolutely No Comparison On The New 2008 Ed Roman USA Handmade Baker's
To Be Somewhat Fair I Did The Comparison To The Lowest Priced Baker.

Both Gibson & Baker Guitars are made on CNC Machines & by the way those old original Gene Baker guitars that used to sell for $4,500.00 were also made on a CNC Machine. Don't be fooled by photos of some guy in a catalog carving a body. It really ticks me off when I hear some know it all salesman tell a customer that "These guitars are hand made."



This paragraph is directed at  a person who wants to pay more for the brand name.

  These people could read these comparisons for the sole purpose of comparing the Gibson & the PRS. 

 I had to include this recommendation for these people.

If you spend the time to read both of these comparisons, between the mid priced Baker & Les Paul, and the Baker & the PRS. Unless you have been around guitars for a long time you might come out thinking that the Gibson offers more than the PRS therefore it is better.
I must interject here that the PRS may offer a few less free options than the Gibson but the PRS is a much better constructed and designed guitar. At the end of the day  the PRS will outperform the Les Paul.

There are certain things you must know about for that to happen. I am available to discuss these things in detail with anyone who wants to call & talk about it. I am especially interested in talking to people who disagree with me and have constructive comments. I get very few people who call me with any constructive criticism.  I get plenty of criticism but most of it is childish prattle and makes no sense. I really am anxious to discuss these and other theories with guitarists who fell I may have left something out of my comparisons.
I have been comparing guitars like this in print since 1980, it always amazes me when someone flat out disagrees with me but won't/can't tell me why. In the 90's I used to get letters from people who thought I was off the wall or didn't know what I was talking about. I have printed almost all of them on my website. in the past 5 years I don't think I've gotten 10 letters disagreeing with me.  C'mon people I thrive on the debates, I learn from the intelligent ones and I laugh at the childish ones.

Ed Roman June 2007


Comparison Below  Comparison Done 2004

I have come up against a great deal of flak over my comparisons !!!
I just don't know of any other way to show a customer
how something is a better value.  

If you believe that I am wrong about anything or that I have left something of importance out !!
If you think this is strictly a self serving article.
Please email me or call, I need something to make the Gibson look better.
I will gladly print any contributing article !!!
 This Comparison Uses The Lowest Priced Mass Produced Baker Not The Handmade Ones

Body Baker B1 Les Paul
Archtop Maple Over Mahogany   Both Use The exact Same Woods. Yes Yes
Body Binding Available Both Models Offer Body Binding. Yes Yes
Figured Top  Low priced Baker standard  top looks far better than the Gibson top. Yes Yes
Highly Figured Top Gibson offers it for approx. $1000.00 Baker offers it for $200.00. Yes Yes
Weight Comparison Gibson Les Paul is about twice the weight of a Baker. Light Heavy
Neck Baker B1 Les Paul
Set Neck Gibson Neck Joint highly inferior to all Baker models. Yes Yes
Bound Neck Both guitars come with a bound neck. Yes Yes
Ebony Fretboard Gibson doesn't do ebony except on the custom. Yes No
Rosewood Fretboard Most Gibson's come with a Rosewood Fingerboard. Yes Yes
Ebony Overlay On Headstock  (Gibson uses plastic) Yes No
Matching Headstock  Available on the Baker only. Yes No
Bound Headstock Slight extra cost on all Baker models. Yes No
24 Frets Les Paul's only come in 22 Frets. Yes No
Custom Inlays Both companies use  the same type of lower cost inlays.  Yes No
Electronics Baker B1 Les Paul
2 Humbucking Pickups Yes Yes
EMG Pickups Available Baker Will Install EMG Pickups  Yes No
Duncan Pickups Available Baker Will Install Duncan Pickups     Yes No
Jason Lollar Pickups Available Baker Will Install Lollar Pickups Yes No
Dimarzio Pickups Available Baker Will Install DiMarzio Pickups Yes No
PRS Pickups Available Baker Will Even Install PRS Pickups Yes No
Choice Of Colors Baker offers Black, Cr�me, White & Zebra Pickups free Yes No
Push Pull Coil Splitters  Available only on the Baker. Yes No
Hardware Baker B1 Les Paul
Tune-O-Matic Bridge Available Yes Yes
Tone/Pros Bridge Available Ed Roman recommends the Tone Pros bridge  Yes No
Gold Hardware Baker includes FREE gold hardware. Everyone else charges for it Yes No
Buzz Feiten System Available From Factory Yes No
Tremolo System Available No
Here's Another No Brainer

The Baker Guitar is much less expensive & it is superior in many ways. They come with Inlays, Gold Hardware, Tune-O-Matic Bridge, a gorgeous Quilted Or Flamed Top, Fully Bound Body & Neck and a  two year full parts & labor warranty.

The Gibson doesn't include Gold, it cost thousands extra for a figured top and only comes with a one year limited warranty.

The Gibson costs more and delivers less.

2/3rds of the Gibson price is for the name.

Street Price


Street Price




Full Comparison For Gibson Les Paul           Full Comparison For PRS Custom