Ebony Headstock Overlays

Ebony Headstock Overlay

At Ed Roman Custom Guitars We have opted to use real hardwood overlays on most of our headstocks. Most companies, PRS, Gibson, Gretsch, Dean etc simply use a very thin piece of plastic which costs about 0.6 cents.

While these super-thin plastic overlays look okay, they don't do too much for the tone or strength factors.

We use a solid piece of Ebony, Rosewood or Holly on our headstocks that cost us close to 5 dollars precut.

This is one reason we can guarantee our headstocks not to break!!!
And one reason we have noticed that Gibson headstocks are designed to break.  
We also use a volute on the back of the neck which also adds tremendous strength to our necks.
In 20 years we have never had one neck ever break this way