BC Rich Guitars vs. Abstract

BC Rich Guitars vs. Abstract Guitars

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Ed Roman doesn't ever make same style guitars unless he can  improve them over the original. In the case of BC Rich Vs Abstract it was a challenge to surpass BC Rich. Ed originally started Abstract Guitars as Dymaxion Guitars many years ago when BC Rich was temporarily shut down. BC Rich has come back now, a

So Ed offers more models,
more options,
more different kinds of wood,
more colors,
more electronics,
more choices of pickups,
more scales,
more neck profiles,
improved frets,
improved truss rod design,
improved bridge design and he had to compete with their rich history of almost every great player of our time being associated with them. Ed's never been afraid of challenges, he also realizes he probably won't live to see Abstract ever surpass BC Rich in sales. But with Ed it's passion for building instruments that drives him.

Ed still loves and sells lots of BC Rich guitars.  Ed is the only place in the World to buy BC Rich Necks, Bodies, & Parts


BC Rich Guitars Abstract Guitars
Excellent Top Quality (Handmade Models Only) Excellent Top Quality (All Models Handmade in The USA)
20 Models Available Approx 150 Models Available Approx
Custom Shapes  NOT AVAILABLE Custom Bodyshapes Available  (Just Supply a Drawing)
Neck & Bodies Not available except  
Dimarzio or  Duncan Pickups Available Duncan, Lollar, Holmes, PRS, Dimarzio   Any Brand
Wrap Around Bridge Improved,  Tone Pros Wrap Around Bridge
Tune A Matic Bridge Improved,  Tone Pros Tune A Matic Bridge
Bullet Preamps Bullet Preamp, EMG Preamp, Ultratone Preamp
Preset Knob Configurations Unlimited Knob Configurations   No Charge
Import Models & Handmade Models USA Handmade Models 
Most Models Come in Short Scale (Gibson Scale) All Models Come in Your Choice of Scale
Models Available in Neck Through Or Bolt On All Models Available In Neck Through or Bolt On
Not Applicable All Models Available In Baritone
Most Models Available In Basses All Models Available In Bass
Not Applicable All Models Available Headless Steinberger System
Not Applicable All Models Available Headless Floyd Rose Speedloader
Designated Inlays & Some Custom Inlays Custom Inlays Any Model Any Inlay
Chinese Floyd Rose System Standard German Floyd Rose System By Schaller Standard
Most Models 24 Frets only Most Models Choice of 22, 24 or even 27 Frets
Most Models Available In Doubleneck Most Models Available In Doubleneck
All Models Available Lefthanded All Models Available in Lefthanded
Limited Choices Of Exotic Woods (Better Than Most) Unlimited Choice of Exotic Woods (Best In The Industry)
Delivery Time 10 Months to 18 Months usually Delivery Time 1 Month to 5 Months usually
No Modifications To Existing Body Styles Any Modification You Can Describe
Most Models Available In Archtop Most Models Available In Archtop
One 10 String Model Available Four 10 String Models Available (Maybe More)
Standard Fret Material Nickel Nickel Silver. Stainless Steel, New Gold Titanium Alloy

BC Rich imports thousands of guitars every year from various countries. Less than 200 yearly are the handmade real ones. In 2006 there were only 190 made. About 20% of these guitars go to various Rock Stars like Kerry King Slash etc. That leaves approximately 135  real BC Rich guitars for the entire world. The wealthy Germans, Japanese & Arabs  account for many of those. Consequently you don't see real BC Rich Guitars in too many stores. Some of the imported ones look pretty good but they don't hold a candle to the real ones. BC Rich has told Ed  Roman they are planning to upscale their handmade  production in 2009.

Ed Roman has been a dealer & strong supporter of BC Rich for almost 35 years. Ed Roman dealt closely with Bernie Rico himself in the early days and for a brief time in history after he purchased the factory in 1993 produced the entire USA Made line. Today Ed  has a wide variety of B.C. Rich guitars including USA made guitars. The models include the Mockingbird, Bich, Beast, Stealth, Warlock, and many more. Check out the complete BC Rich Models List.  Ed also carries BC Rich bass guitars. View all BC Rich guitars for sale.

Below is the largest selection of BC Rich Guitars ever photographed in one place at one time
These are all USA handmade models not a single import in the picture.
Photo of Ed Roman's store in the mid 90's

Largest Selection Of BC Rich Guitars Ed Roman Guitars 1993

Ed Roman Manufacturers Abstract Guitars
Which Are Made On The Old BC Rich Machinery



Abstract Guitars come in more radical shapes and more conservative shapes than any other company.
It seems like I'm adding a new shape to the line every couple of weeks. There are many great shapes that companies have abandoned or discontinued over the years. Great companies like Jackson & Hamer and many small boutique builders who have gone out of business.

Abstract guitars recreates those really cool shapes that were made so famous by players like Glenn Tipton, KK Downing, Vinnie Vincent, Randy Rhoads, Tony Iommi, Mark Slaughter, Prince, Steve Stevens, Jeff Watson, Sammy Hagar, Ace Frehley John Entwistle, Lita Ford, Chuck Schuldiner, Rick Derringer, Michael Wilton and too many more to list.

Abstract Guitars also has many original cool shapes that fall into the radical & conservative categories. With more than ten V shaped guitars alone.

Remember Abstract guitars are not for everyone. The Abstract guitar brand is dedicated to making the finest highest quality guitars on the planet. The Abstract guitars are built with one thought in mind. "The player who invests in an Abstract guitar should never be able to replace it with another guitar"

Ed Roman 2005