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Gibson Guitar Lawsuits


If you have been in a lawsuit with Gibson
Please Send me a brief Synopsis of what happened

I will print it. 
I will also print anything that Gibson wants to say in retort

Gibson is by far the most litigious company I have ever heard of.

Hey Ed, I hope everything is nice in Nevada. Here's an interesting story I read on the internet just now. I don't think you will be surprised when you read it:


They are spending money suing video game makers instead of, oh I don't know, focusing on music. I don't know if you follow game stories, but this "Guitar Hero" is huge for Gibson. You have probably at least seen the fake little game controllers shaped like Les Pauls and SG's with five color coded buttons on them. You are supposed to push the buttons in the sequence in which they show-up on the screen and you have to hit them at the right time in order not to suck. Then you will be a guitar God. Why the hell don't these kids get a damn guitar and learn to play a few riffs? You have to give credit to Gibson though, by putting their name on the controller it will hugely influence a first time guitar buyer into getting one of their axes. Here's the funniest story now. There are companies on the Net that actually make "custom" game controllers! Oh yeah, you can have any picture or design you want on your custom Gibson shaped game controller. Fender is also in on the game; who do you think has the license for "Rock Band's" controllers? Lame.

Anyway thought you would like to read an interesting story. What do you think of this Robot Guitar Gibson has? Another way to lure in newbie guitar players who don't want to learn to tune a guitar or any of that traditional stuff. Some gimmicks are great and some suck donkey balls.

Lem Smalley

Ryan to me
show details Aug 31 (1 day ago) Reply

Hey Ed<

 I was recently on a Les Paul forum and I noticed this hateful assed post about "why does Ed Roman hate Les Pauls?"...I hate Les Pauls too.. matter of fact...my review of a Les Paul could be summed up in two words: "shit sandwich"...anyway...they go on and on about how terrible of a human being you are but not one.. I repeat NOT ONE could respond, or even bring up, the facts you state about Les Paul necks, headstock angle, cheap wood, foreign construction that claims to be from the U.S.  You've deprogrammed me...and seeing these people bitch and bitch about you and they like Les Pauls "just because" and "they rock" and "Ace Frehley plays them" isn't good enough in my book...  I come from Missouri.. the show me state..&  I've been shown your guitars.. I've been in your shop...and I've also seen Les Paul's..  played them..

Hell my father has an original 52 without a serial number he bought at a pawn shop in 1964 that's been sitting in a case and sees the light of day once every 5 years when he gets it out..  Its a 50 something year old piece of shit...oh it gets a tone, sure...but hey if I eat at a Mexican restaurant my asshole will produce a tone too.. big deal !!

peace on the hill brother!!!

Thanks for your kind letter and your support,  I appreciate it.    People are people!!!
Forgive them father for they know not what they are talking about. Ha Ha 
What were you doing on that stupid forum anyway ???
I can convert that 52 to a 58 or 59,  I can make it playable anyway !!!!!
Some vintage geek will buy it on Ebay, because he thinks the mojo will rub off on him. 
I've done it before !!!!  And I'll do it again,  that should piss off those retards on the forum.

Thanks Again

Gibson Sucks
Aaron Lee to me
show details Feb 6 (5 days ago) Reply

Hey, Ed.

My name is Aaron. I'm 24(guitar player for 16 of those years so far) and I've honestly never played on a Gibson that I've been fond of. Their playability has always been shit to me. when I graduated high school, my father was going to get me another guitar. I was looking at getting a black les paul studio. when I picked it up, I realized the neck was crap, the boy weighed more than me, and the frets were awful. I have a friend who had an SG and his guitar slid down when sitting up against the bed and the neck cracked at the neck joint (you heard right. the actual joint part of the body) and at the headstock around the truss cover spot. That was on an Epiphone SG too. I can go out on the Internet and find really cheap gibsons on ebay and craigslist only to find out they're selling them because of the neck cracking situation. I don't understand how they have any kind of legacy when their guitars are such shit. Also, the gibson owners who still praise gibson after their faults, Buzz Osborne (The Melvins) has a Les Paul that's had the neck broken on it 5 times( 5 friggen times!!!!!) and still plays it. Are you kidding me? Talk about dipshit. I love your website and the badass guitars you make. One of these days, I'm making my way into your shop and having you build a guitar for me. Keep it metal!!!!

Dallas, TX