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New Scams For The New Century
Many respected companies are hiding the fact that their products are not made in USA.
Many respected companies are employing huge cost-cutting methods

I have noticed in the last several years that many of the companies I have trusted and promoted over the past 35 years are now all starting to slowly slip quality wise.  I'm not talking about the old guard, like Gibson. Most informed experienced people already will agree that Gibson went down the toilet 25 years ago and their pricing is far higher than it should be.
Many people still assume that Gibson guitars are all still made in the USA.  The guitar magazines have never exposed them probably because they don't want to lose a major advertising account.
You cannot trust most guitar magazines today. Their Editorial departments should be called Advertorial departments.  It's getting so bad nowadays that I don't even like to read the magazines.

PRS was one such company that changed their original superior designs back in the 90's, They still build a well made high quality instrument. But nowadays they build them on CNC Machines for less and sell them for more than they ever did. They are charging handmade prices for machine made guitars.
They use imported parts and actually import low end guitars into the USA under their brand name. This has really destroyed the value of the original PRS guitars.  I myself had a huge brand loyalty to PRS for 15 years!

I started in this business in the 70's and like it or not the quality companies of that era are all doing imported guitars today.  My theory is in every case the original owner has either died or sold out the company to a bunch of corporate suits.

Good companies back then like Alembic, Dean, PRS, BC Rich & even Hamer are no longer building what they used to. In fact they are turning into corporate giants themselves.  Be Careful Of Misdirected Brand Loyalty

In fact I have noticed that some companies that still offer high end instruments over $5,000.00 are not printing their prices anywhere. My theory is that if the customers become aware there are more expensive models they will realize that the standard priced instruments for sale in most music stores are all imported lower cost merchandise.  BC Rich for example no longer prints the pricing on their expensive guitars.

This can horribly affect the unsuspecting consumer by causing them to not be aware of the real  high end models.  Naturally they would assume that the most expensive models on the price list were the top of the line. When in fact they are definitely not.     BE VERY CAREFUL

There are several spinoff companies from some of the larger companies actually printing Made In USA on their instruments even though they are just either assembled or inspected in the USA.
I have actually been threatened by several of them if I printed the details.

From The SAD BUT TRUE Files

Every single day I take at least several phone calls that go like this.
Usually It involves ESP, Jackson, Schecter, BC Rich, Hamer, Dean etc etc

"Hi I'm Joey Flanagan from Jizzburp Kentucky, I have a BC Rich Warlock that needs some work."

He will then launch into his list of problems, "The frets are uncomfortable they hurt my fingers, they stick out, I want the finish removed from the back of the neck, the stock Dimarzio pickups aren't cutting it,  I want Seymour's or EMG's!!      I would also like you to add your direct coupling kit and do a complete set up and fix my tuning cuz it doesn't stay in tune very well.  I probably need you to replace the Floyd Rose because I don't think mine works right."

Then he will stop!  Without even asking me he will actually expect me to give him a concrete price to fix all the problems his guitar has.

The first thing I tell him is " I need to see the guitar to give him a proper estimate"

Whereupon he will then ask for a ballpark price.

I reply. "Usually it's anywhere from $650.00  to $775.00" I tell him.

Then he drops the bomb on me !!!!   Shit,  I only paid $250.00 for the whole guitar on eBay !!!

I then try to explain to him that he doesn't have a BC Rich at all, In fact he has a cheap imported guitar made by tsaka kaka gen gakki in Asia someplace. He then proceeds to tell me I'm full of shit because it says "BC Rich" right on the headstock.

These people have absolutely no idea what they own, they truly think because some company imports something in and/or licenses out their name that the Guitar is of comparable quality to the original.

Dream On  !!!!!!!!!!!

Buy something decent to start with and you won't have problems like above.
Buy something quality that will hold up well.

You won't be shopping for another new guitar every year.
Never Compromise, Don't accept a guitar with the wrong bridge, make sure the knobs are placed where you want them to be.
Don't settle for a Maple fingerboard when you want an Ebony one.

Don't accept a set neck when you want a neck thru body guitar

You will be happier In the end,

 No one was ever sorry they bought something good

Ed Roman