Kramer Replacement Bodies

Kramer Replacement Bodies

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Ed Roman Has Been Making Kramer Replacement Bodies since 1990
Jackson, Hamer, Steinberger, Klein, BC Rich & Many Others Available

Ed Roman also has hundreds of Original Kramer Bodies & Parts That were obtained when Kramer closed their doors in 1989. At any given time Ed Roman will have up to 100 used Kramer Guitars available including steel necked models, Axe Basses, Nightswan's, etc etc . 

Ed Roman also offers J Frog Guitars for people who still remember the Original  "Pre Kramer"  Lynn Ellsworth guitars. These guitars were used by many of the original early 80's LA metal groups.


Today all these Kramer Bodies are available From Ed Roman either New Or Used.

Kramer Axe Bass
In Stock & Available !!!!!


Kramer Stagemaster Neck Through Bodies Available From Ed Roman
100% USA Made with real MOP Inlay & ebony fingerboards

No matter how obscure Ed Roman can supply any Kramer Body & 90% of the original necks


George Lynch's first "Mr. Scary" that he got from Kramer when he endorsed Kramer !!
This guitar has a checkered history !!!!
Originally this guitar was a "J Frog Body" with a Lasito Neck assembled by Kramer.
(Kramer never made necks or bodies they outsourced them & assembled them in Neptune NJ)
When George sold his allegiance to ESP in the late 80's,
 ESP destroyed this classic guitar by putting an Asian made ESP neck on it.
The body of this guitar is an original "J Frog" model with the shallow forearm cut.
Many people call George's Skull N' Bones the "Mr. Scary"   (That is totally incorrect)
The Skull n Bones was always a "J Frog" from day one.
 ESP had to pay & 25,000.00 restitution to "J Frog" for making the 25 copies of the Skull N Bones
Today the only place to buy a real Skull N' Bones is from Ed Roman at   "J Frog Guitars"


Sam Kinnison with His Kramer

Original Kramers With Fender Headstocks 
We bought all of these we could at the factory shutdown in 1989
We put them away 20 years ago they are scheduled to come out by the end of 2009
Some of them could easily pass for new !!!!

Paul Dean Model


Elliot Easton Model