Scorpion Guitars Price List

Scorpion Guitars Price List

Basic Price Guide to Building a Scorpion Guitar
 $1,899.00  Average
Simply Choose What You Want

Basic Body, Alder, Basswood Hand Built, Routed To Your Specs X $275.00
Body Core NTB Neck Thru Body   $1,800.00
Basic Neck , Maple with RW Board Hand Built to your specs (No Scarf Joint) X $275.00
Custom Made Neck Hand Built to your specs   $500.00
Tremolo Bridge Real Floyd Rose, Installed Price  X $150.00
Tremolo Bridge Real Floyd Rose, German, Installed price   $250.00
Tremolo Bridge Pearlcaster Vintage Style   $175.00
Tremolo Bridge    
Locking Nut Hardened Steel Floyd Rose X $30.00
Tremolo Bridge Low Pro Floyd Rose   $250.00
Duncan Black Backs   $125.00
Hardtail Bridge Tone Pros   $50.00
Pickups Duncans, EMG, X $70.00 
Pickups Dimarzio   $40.00 
Gold Hardware   $180.00
Black Hardware   $180.00
Tuners Schallers, Grovers, Sperzels X $50.00 
Finishbb Body  Solid   $550.00
Finish Graphics   POR
Finish Stained Poly Finish Matte   $300.00
Finish Oil Poly X $150.00
Finish Metalflakes   $600.00
Paint Enhanced Stain Translucent   $600.00
Pickguards Standard   $100.00
Mahogany Body X $150.00
Exotic Woods Body Korina, Quilted Maple, Spalted Maple, Koa etc   $600.00
Exotic Woods Fingerboard Cocobolo, Ebony, Macassar Ebony, Bocote   $180.00
Exotic Woods Neck Brazilian Rosewood, Macassar Ebony   POR
Full Scalloping On Neck   $360.00
Flame Top Or Quilt Top Highly Figured Maple, Bubinga, Cocobolo Etc   POR
Assembly  & Fret Job Wiring, fret leveling, fitting Neck, full setup X $400.00
Misc Parts Pots. Strings, Jacks, Screws, Wire, Knobs, X $100.00 Average


 Scorpion Guitars Are Not For Your Typical Consumer
These are made 100% in the USA with premium woods & parts
The ones pictured here are available
Most of the ones we sell are custom ordered

Scorpion Picasso

Scorpion Archtop Custom 7 string

Korina Yankee Rose


  Yankee Rose