Scorpion 7 String

Scorpion 7 String


Scorpion 7 Custom
Ebony Fretboard, Fully Bound,  Side Dot Markers
String thru body design, custom headstock, EMG Pickups, Tone Pros Bridge
Maple Neck, Mahogany Body, Personalized Inlay 12th fret.

Custom Built in 1999
Archtop 7 String  Using Ibanez Components


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Scorpion Korina 7 String

 Scorpion Guitars Are Not For Your Typical Consumer
These are made 100% in the USA with premium woods & parts
The ones pictured here are available
Most of the ones we sell are custom ordered
We sell 12 Ibanez guitars to every one of these but the Ibanez is so much less money !!!
These guitars don't compete with Ibanez because they cost so much more !!!!!
These guitars are for the player who wants a custom instrument that feels & looks like an Ibanez.