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The LSR Bolero is the only archtop bolt on headless guitar that we are aware of. It features a number of other exclusives. It is also available as an Abstract Bolero which is the Neck Through Body version of this guitar


Black Korina Bolero for Kevin Wallace

The LSR line was started with the modest intention of building a high quality recognizable body shape.  A body shape that would emulate a guitar that was being played by a very famous rock star. After numerous conversations with technicians who worked closely with this person the Original LSR EB-1 was born. Originally known as the "Ed-Berger" for the first two years of limited production.

Eventually Gibson bitched about the "Berger" Suffix and sent us legal notices that they wanted us to change the name. LSR legally could have easily kept using the name because there was plenty of prior notification with Gibson.  Gibson waited at least a year and a half after the trademark protection deadline before they acted.


Instead of fighting with Gibson about it, LSR decided that the suffix "Berger" was actually going to hurt the LSR name because of the low priced guitars that Gibson was peddling on "Music Yo".  In most people's minds Gibson had already destroyed the good name of Steinberger anyway. Therefore the "Berger" suffix would have actually created negative connotations rather than positive.

Well LSR has been extremely successful to date.  LSR plans to introduce many new body designs. Below is the Bolero. Currently the Bolero is our best selling body shape in the LSR line.

LSR Bolero Group Shot

Beautiful Tiger Eye Color. Wooden Neck Steinberger Tremolo, 24 Frets
Currently In Stock

Options, Archtop, Scraped Binding, All Maple Neck, Flame Maple Neck & Fingerboard,

Enhanced Finish, Korina Body. 5A Flame Maple Top, Seymour Duncan Pickups.  

Quilted Bolero Natural Finish
For John Morvay of Las Vegas

I have been building custom guitars for John Morvay for close to 15 years. 
Before LSR even existed I was building him custom modified Steinberger's

Quilted Bolero No Binding
Sold To Dave Palubiak

Flamed Bolero No Binding
This One Has Sold (Can We Build One For You)

Bolero With Binding

Bolero Bass