Kramer Guitars Rare Models

Rare Kramer Models



The Pictures Below Are Of A Custom Made Neck For

An Original Axe Bass & Restoration Of The Bass

(Built In Ed Roman Guitars' Custom Shop)

Top Shelf Quality - All The Way

This Bass Is An Original Kramer  Bass fr. There Are Many Improvements Over The Original. And ... If One Looks At One Of The Production Models Of This Type; The Comparison Is Apples And Oranges! The New Production Models Are Very Cheaply Made. The ERG Version Is A Professional Quality Musical Instrument.

Attention To Detail Everywhere! The Original Neck Was Made Of Thick Aluminum With Some Wood Inserts To Add Warmth. The Original Neck Was Very Heavy And Didn't Balance Well At All. The Wooden Neck Weighs Much Less And Has Better Tone.

The Picture To The Left Is An Original 1970's Kramer Aluminum Bass Neck. (They were also made for 6 string guitars.) The Black Areas Are Wood Inserts.


It Looks Like The Original Neck, But This Custom Neck Is A Huge Improvement!

Heavy & Cold (Original) To Light & Warm (Custom)

Fully Carved, Front & Back



This Headstock Was Made To Resemble The Original, But The Aluminum Is Mostly Window Dressing. It Does Add Some Strength To The Headstock.

Compare To Pictures Of An Original Kramer Aluminum Neck Below.

Sturdy But Cold

And Heavy!

Axe Bass In A Custom Display Case




Important Information

As of this writing all the New Kramer's available from Music Yo and other sources are Korean made guitars. They have incorrectly used the model names and there will undoubtedly be confusion down the road because of this. I do not recommend those guitars. I believe that just because some large mega corporation purchased the Kramer name it doesn't give them the right to pull the wool over everybody's eyes. But rest assured the most certainly will. They have already successfully done it with Steinberger, & Gibson

If you are looking for an old Kramer Baretta, why not consider a NEW J. Frog Glock 22.

It costs less and It's better and comes with all the below options.

Completely made in USA,  1500 G. Satin Finish Neck, Non Tilt Back Headstock,  (Just Like EVH)
Hard-mounted Stepped Pickup Routing, Original Floyd Rose Tremolo, Reversed Headstock,
Full New Warranty, Tone Control or Sweet Switch (no extra charge)
Seymour Duncan Black/back Pickup,  2 Pickup Option Available,
30 Color Choices Available, 4 Bolt & Insert  Direct Coupled Neck Mounting Kit,
Stronger One Piece Quartersawn Neck Unlike Original Kramer's 2 piece Jointed Neck.

 Just Try to find an original Baretta with a Maple fingerboard and a non-tilt Hockey Stick Neck.