Gene Simmons Axe Bass

Gene Simmons Axe Bass

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  Ed Roman Is The Place for Real Kramer Axe Basses & Real BC Rich Punisher Basses
If you are looking for the cheap shitty guitar center models we occasionally have them also

Kramer Axe Basses

We Usually Have At Least One In Stock Or Available
Prices Start At $3,895.00

Kramer Gene Simmons Axe Bass & Guitar
Occasionally We Have A Guitar In Stock But We Almost Always Have A Bass

See The Gene Simmons Punisher Bass

Pictures Below Are Of A Custom Made Neck For

An Original Axe Bass & Restoration Of The Bass

(Built In Ed Roman Guitars' Custom Shop)

This Bass Is An Original Kramer Axe Bass That We Have Modified By Building A Lightened Down  Wooden Neck & Completely Refinishing The Body & Blade Sections.

Our Customer Homer Curbstomp Plays In A Kiss Tribute Band !!!

He Currently Also Owns An Abstract  Punisher That We Made For Him Back In 1997.

We Also Built Him A Neck Thru Replica Of A Grabber Bass In 1988.  We Have Supplied numerous Paul Stanley Guitars & Ace Frehley Guitars To The Other Two Guitarists In The Band.

The Picture To The Right Is An Original 1970's Kramer Aluminum Bass Neck. (They were also made for 6 string guitars.) The Black Areas Are Wood Inserts.



It Looks Like The Original Neck, But This Custom Neck Is A Huge Improvement!



Attention To Detail Everywhere! The Original Neck Was Made Of Thick Aluminum With Some Wood Inserts To Add Warmth. The Original Neck Was Very Heavy And Didn't Balance Well At All. The Wooden Neck Weighs Much Less And Has Better Tone.


This Headstock Above Was Custom Made To Resemble The Original !
But The Aluminum Is Mostly Window Dressing.
It Does Add Some Strength To The Headstock.

Sturdy But Cold                                            And Heavy!