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Confusing Kramer Guitars

Buyer Beware

Be extremely careful when buying a Kramer guitar, many of the new ones are extremely low quality Korean made guitars. It is not always easy to spot an original from a new one. An experienced guitarist can feel the difference immediately just by picking up the instrument and feeling the stability, neck feel & overall vibe.

This is George Lynch's Kramer
ESP  proved again how slimy they could be when they removed the original neck
And replaced it with an ESP.   They ruined a $50,000.00 guitar.

There are tons of Ebay maggots who are making fake Kramer's especially the EVH model which was never even produced by Kramer.  See below for EVH section,  things to be careful of.

The Original BKL Kramers were Aluminum neck collector type guitars. They weren't the greatest guitars ever made either but I think they were much a much better value than the Travis Bean guitars from which the company sprang from.  Those old Kramer aluminum neck basses were actually pretty good.

This guitar is available today again through a special arrangement with Floyd Rose.
See Abstract Enterprize

The 1983 through 1990 Pacer's, Baretta's, American's, Nightswan's and Signature models are all very high quality. They were made much like the J. Frog Guitars that are built today. If you have a hard time locating one of them Ed Roman Guitars can usually help you or better yet sell you a J. Frog which is like a blueprinted Kramer on steroids.

You can Feel the quality on an American Kramer like this
Don't confuse these with the guitars currently available on the market today.

Today Gibson owns the rights to the Kramer name. Gibson in their infinite wisdom has chosen to use the Kramer good name as a way to sell extremely cheaply made Korean guitars through their Music Yo website. Gibson has similarly done the same thing with the Steinberger name which they acquired some years ago.

Gibson spent tons of money advertising the Epiphone line which was one of their earlier acquisitions and due to the advertising dollars spent they are enjoying a measure of success. Personally I believe the Epiphone guitars are extremely overpriced and over rated. They are actually considered as decent guitars in some circles based on the fact that they are so overpriced. Typical consumer mentality will assign a quality stamp to an expensive item. That's what I call a double scam!!!!    (See Overpriced Guitars)

Excellent Guitar and these can be bought inexpensively
The pickguard lowers the value of these but not the quality.

Guest Article By Joseph Manlius

Eddie Van Halen Played A Kramer, 
Eddie Van Halen Played An Ernie Ball
Eddie Van Halen Played A Charvel
Eddie Van Halen Played An Ibanez
Eddie Van Halen Played A Peavey
Eddie Van Halen Played A Fender
Eddie Van Halen Played A Steinberger

BS to most of this !!!

Don't Believe The Hype Read Below

Be careful of low quality Korean & Chinese Kramers
 being assembled as EVH replicas.

Eddie is best known to have played a Kramer, I doubt that any of his real player guitars were ever really Kramers. It doesn't take too much intelligence to notice that all of Eddie's supposed Kramer's had non tilt back headstocks.  How many real American Kramers have you ever seen with non tilt headstocks?  Kramer never offered a non tilt headstock except for a short period of time with the cutball headstock and you rarely if ever see Eddie playing that one.  Ironically, the only Kramer guitars that could have passed visually, for a real EVH guitar were the cheap imported models. Several of them actually came with the correct EVH headstock.  There were millions of those guitars made, that's what you will typically get when you buy a candy- striped Kramer on FeeBay.

Coupled with the fact that the first Van Halen/ Kramer advertisements had Kramer superimposed on the headstock so badly that the logo hung partly off the headstock.  What a joke that was !!!

It's common knowledge, Lynn Ellsworth made the original Charvel bodies & necks, Original J Frog bodies & necks. He made Eddie's components and Eddie built his guitars himself.

The Black & Yellow Charvel that Wayne gave to Eddie was hardly ever used. I have it on good authority that Eddie hated it. How many pictures have you seen Eddie actually play that guitar. I've seen more pictures of those multicolor stripe ones than the yellow Charvel. It only became famous because it got on to the second VH Album.  As far as the New Charvel's Eddie hates those too.

The Peavey's & Ernie Ball Guitars were all specially built for Eddie, The ones that hit the market were definitely not what Eddie was playing. In the case of Peavey Eddie drove them crazy because he was complaining about the guitars. When they first came out they were horrible.

Eddie did Peavey an enormous favor, I wonder if Peavey even realized that Eddie actually raised the bar for them. Their guitars today are 200% better than they were before Eddie ever got involved with them. Eddie left Peavey about 8 months before his 5 year contract was up and openly became involved with Fender Charvel.

Hartley Peavey is too much of a gentleman to have sued Eddie.  I am  sure if Eddie was with Gibson they would have probably sued his ass off.

Eddie did like the Steinbergers and I am pretty sure that his Steinberger guitars were stock. Eddie used to actually visit Ned's house in Maine to pick up his guitars. Eddie continued to deal directly with Ned when Gibson finally bought Ned's interest in the company.

Charvel has also benefitted from their recent association with Eddie. Those first guitars (The Art Series) were atrocious, Eddie's guitar tech told Ed Roman that Eddie hated them and would only play them for one song a night because that's what the contract called for.

The relic model for $25,000.00 was the joke of 2007 and pure crap to boot. Ed told me the Art guitars were priced OK but they didn't play worth a damn. Ed also told me that he sold over 100 Art guitars before they were even shipped. These guitars came in and went out so fast that no one took notice of the fact that they weren't made well.  However, Charvel has now come out with a new American made model, for under $1000.00. According to Ed it is far better than even those San Dimas custom shop models that sold for $4,000.00.  Just as in the case of Peavey,  Eddie has raised the bar & literally forced Charvel/Fender to get on the stick.

to be continued...