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J Frog On Hand Inventory
May 2009

Gary Brawer,  San Francisco's Ace Luthier Repair Dude!!!  

Recommended by my shop as the best guy in Northern Cal to work on your guitar !!!!

Gary is holding an Ed Roman, J. Frog Nightspawn guitar belonging to Dan Stellabotte.

Dan purchased this guitar in kit form and had Gary build it for him.

Gary's shop is equipped with a PLEK machine and everyone who is anyone in the San Francisco Bay area goes to Gary when they have any problems with their guitar.

Gary's shop did the finish work and Dan has told me he is extremely happy with the quality of work and the service he has gotten from Gary's shop.

I first became acquainted with Gary's shop back in the early 90's when both his shop and my shop signed up to be the original dealers and installers of the revolutionary Buzz Feiten Tuning System. 

We had, of course, heard of Gary because we knew of him as Joe Satriani's guitar tech.

Over the years we have sent many customers to Gary to fix minor warranty problems for us. Gary has always come through with flying colors satisfying my mailorder customers.

Glock 22 Reverse Headstock

This guitar may look a little plain but it plays & sounds awesome !!!
We have been selling this in kit form for years.
call (702) 597-0147

See Kit Guitars Page

J. Frog Skull n' Bones with Skull Inlays
Surprisingly this is the first time anyone ever asked for this !!!

Built For Steve Kinder

J Frog - Skull N' Bones

Our most Famous Model
Made popular by George Lynch
There are numerous cheapo copies out there!!!

Sometimes copies can be well made, But so far I have never seen a single decent copy of this guitar.  ESP who usually builds a pretty decent guitar (They are just way overpriced) failed miserably on their attempt to copy this.

There is some hack job on Ebay who is offering bodies that look like real crap. 

Copycats be advised ESP paid Ed Roman & Johnny Frog $1,000.00 for ever guitar they built (They made 25)
If you are willing to risk legal action then by all means make the copies.

Personally I don't care, But Johnny's lawyers will litigate.



J Frog Custom Shop Guitar Flame Guitar
24 Fret    25" Scale
Naturally We Can Build This Guitar With Any Style Neck You Want !!

Glock 22 In Green/Blueburst

J Frog Glock 24


Abstract "Bullfrog" Neck Through Body
Custom Order Only

J Frog Stock Headstock  TM

Body Made From Solid White Korina

Mark Kendall "Great White" with his early J. Frog

J Frog Glock 24

Glock 22
Hand Painted Graphic
The original Kramer a digital photo with a clear coat over it.

Glock 22
Simpson's Graphic

Glock 24 Bodies

Design on Front & Back
Many Of These Bodies Available As Blems  

J Frog Nightspawn

24 Fret Ebony Fretboard, Reverse Headstock 

J. Frog Nightspawn Model

24 Frets,  Ebony Fretboard, Distinctive Pickup Location, Reverse Headstock 
Seymour Duncan Black/Back Pickups
Original Real German Floyd Rose Premium Tremolo System

Available in Hum Single Single Configuration


Available In Any Graphic You Want


J Frog Glock 24