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JET Guitars Are Probably The Finest Built Guitars We Carry

Standard JET Specs:

  • Scale Length 25.0"
  • Fingerboard Radius 8.5" to 12", Conical
  • Frets Vintage Jumbo (0.10"w x 0.05"h)
  • Width @ nut 1.64" - 1.70"
  • Width @ 24th Fret 2.15" - 2.2"
  • Headstock Angle 12 Degrees
  • Weight 6.2 to 7.2 lbs
  • Body Width 13.5"
  • Body Thickness 1.6"
  • Top Radius 25'

JET Guitars are Truly Beautiful Instruments

This is the epitome of hand made instruments. It features, gold hardware, innovative styling, waxing to waning moon inlays, premium electronics, innovative tailpiece design, recessed real wood truss rod cover and back cavity plates.

When you play and feel this instrument you can immediately feel the handmade quality. This guitar has a certain aura of quality, tone and feel that will make you want to keep this guitar for a lifetime.

The truss rod is encased in a thin polyethylene tube, and installed in a precise matching 3/16” round bottomed counter curved channel. Other makers route a square bottomed ¼” channel and fill the excess space with epoxy or silicone.

Ergonomic Design Innovation

The photo to the left shows the innovative placing of the output jack and the matching Mahogany back plate and ferrules for the strings through body. Notice also, the super short neck heel, just like the old PRS guitars.

Recessed and angled, the output jack points upward, toward strap. This places the jack and cable in the most convenient arrangement (neither on the top, nor sticking out of the side), yet does not interfere with placing the guitar on a stand.

Jeff has been building fine guitars for more than 20 years. He has some truly original innovations to his construction techniques which will undoubtedly be copied. I suggest you buy the Original.

The hand picked master grade beautiful mahogany backs are a thing of beauty in themselves. The balance of these guitars is perfect and the reach to the upper frets is very comfortable and easy.

The neck extends well past the pickup cavity and the fingerboard is premium Ebony or Brazilian Rosewood, with Waning to waxing moon inlay, bound with real flamed maple. The above two features combine to give the guitar a stronger attack, yet impart a hint of the slinky, resonant feel of an archtop jazz guitar.

Additional Premiere Features

Scale: Scale 25.0" with Compound Radius Fingerboard, 9" to 12."
Neck:  The compound radius is meticulously shaped and fine surfaced by hand.
Neck:  Compound radius will  give you the lowest possible action without ‘fretting out’ while bending.
Neck Deep pocket set neck with small neck heel and gentle volute.
Cavity Covers:  Flush level covers cut and finished from surrounding wood stock.
Binding:  Natural figured maple binding on top, headstock and neck. 
Frets: Jumbo round crown frets on ebony fingerboard.
Pickups: Seymour Duncan Black/Back TM Pickups included with individual controls.
Controls: Recessed and level gold dome control knobs.
Headstock: 14 degree no-joint headstock tilt.
Direct Coupling: Direct coupled bridge and pickups.
Tone Control: 022 cap for neck pickup gives traditional tone control, .005 for bridge gives a funky vowel tone.
Tone Control: The .005 mfd capacitor gives you ultra fine control of the bridge pickup's upper midrange response. This is a lot more useful, for this pickup position, than just rolling off all the treble and midrange, like a .022 cap does.
String Thru Body: Strings through body terminate in flush level ferrules, 2 ½ “ from bridge.
One Piece Chambered Mahogany Body: Chambered one piece mahogany body for better resonance.



JET Earlewood Shown with Optional Wilkinson Tremolo


Ed Roman does not recommend the Wilkinson Tremolo.
Ed Roman does not recommend any tremolo on any high quality archtop solid body guitar.
This does not mean Ed Roman won't sell it you with your choice of up to 8 different models.
It means that in Ed Roman's opinion any tremolo will sap tone from your instrument & decrease sustain & overtones.




Korina and Mahogany JET Bodies

Photo's Show extensive chambering. Each JET is voiced and chambered differently,
based on the actual tapped resonance of the wood on the guitar.

JET's are known for their incredible quilted tops & Beautiful Inlays

Dealer Inquiries Invited

Ed Roman is the World Wide Distributor for JET Guitars,  There have been a few recent changes in our USA dealer roster. Any warranty issues will be handled by Ed Roman personally or if you are in closer proximity to the factory by Jeffery Earle T.  Ed Roman is authorizing a double warranty wherever the customer might be inconvenienced in even the slightest way.

We are currently looking for new distribution in Japan, Australia & England There is one new opening in the USA  Please contact Ed Roman directly