Jeff Terwilliger, JET Guitars

A Word From Jeff Terwilliger

I have carried JET Guitars since the very beginning,  In fact I personally own serial # 1. 

Number #1 is not even close to what Jeff is building today. But I recognized that Jeff was going to be the number one guitar builder in the USA someday.  That someday seems to be today.  I have never seen such totally satisfied customers as the people who buy JET guitars.

To qualify my next statement, I would like to say, I have been selling high end boutique guitars for more than 30 years. I was selling PRS Guitars more than 26  years ago. (I have serial # 35).   I have owned more than 25 of the first 50 PRS Guitars made, No one had ever heard of PRS.  I introduced McNaught Guitars to the world in 1998 (I have serial # 1) In fact I have 18 of the first 30 guitars McNaught ever made.  I sold Spector guitars & Basses for 28 years (I have # 11 Bass)  I was the original owner of Alembic # 17, Ihave owned 15 Alembics under serial # 100 I have Brian Moore # 25,  BC Rich # 7, Bolin # 01 Jackson RR #003, Mosrite # V0017

The point I am getting to is the level of fanaticism I have seen in the owners of the JET guitars that I have sold is absolutely mind boggling.  It's almost like the players are venerating Jeff.  But if you take a few moments to read the treatise below,  you will start to understand the man behind the guitar. Jeffrey Earle T. is one of the most driven men I have ever met.  Myself and all the luthiers in my shop are totally impressed with JET Guitars and Jeffrey Earle T.

I am very proud to sell his fine line of electric solid body guitars.

If you have questions about a JET guitar please don't hesitate to call Ed Roman personally.
Ed has been selling JET'S for 10 years and is probably the world's foremost authority on these guitars.
Contact Ed personally (702) 597-0147 or
click here to send an email.

Ed Roman - 11/05/03



I just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful JET guitar I purchased from you.  Not only is it aesthetically perfect it sounds amazing.  I had to raise the action a hair for my own taste but that done I cannot put in down.  I own a beautiful Les Paul and a great Stratocaster but neither compares to the JET.  Each note and chord played resonates perfectly.  Thank you for your diligence in finding such a great guitar maker in Jeff Terwilliger.  And thank you for being straight and honest in your opinions and your business dealings.  I will be back for another guitar soon.

Craig Casca

PS-Scott was a pleasure to deal with !!!

Dear Ed Roman,

This check is part of the balance for the Abstract Centurion guitar with the pig inlays. I'd like to thank you for creating a website that opened me up to world of truly custom made guitars. Sam Ash and Guitar Center stores no longer capture my interest. Also thank you and Alan for taking me a tour of your Connecticut shop while I was there. When I ordered my first and second guitars from you I had requested that the Buzz Feiten system be installed on them.

To be honest I really wasn't convinced that there was any difference in sound; probably because I tune my guitars so carefully and with a very accurate strobe tuner; you would be pressed to tell me that my guitar out of tune. I said, "What a heck" and ordered the modification anyway.

I then received my Green Birdseye top JET Earlewood #126; I'm sure you've seen it. I still wasn't convinced after playing it a week. I then reset the intonation to the Buzz Feiten specs and tuned up. After one strum I was then a believer. Not only is my Jet Earlewood the best looking and easiest playing guitar in the world, it is also the best sounding.

I'll match my JET up against any guitar on the planet. My JET makes my beloved Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 feel like an Ibanez. I thought nothing could top my PRS. If people are buying JET Earlewood guitars just for their looks that�s understandable, but they are missing the best part; they play like heaven. Imagine playing full bar chords with distortion and still sounding sweet.

I can't wait until I get my Abstract Centurion with "Buzz" system and pig inlays, I'm sure that'll be next to "Hog" up all my attention


Dan Ali

September 2007

This guitar surpasses all my expectations by a long shot. It is by far the finest guitar I have every played. Simply amazing craftsmanship, and more (magic?).
The visual beauty of the instrument, the sheer playability, the variety of sounds, the nuance of my touch on the strings and the clarity of that nuance reproduced in the sound are all astounding. I never imagined I could play so well. My friends have been asking me how I like the guitar and I talk on and on trying to describe how great it is. Putting it in words is really tough. Somehow this instrument is much more than the sum of it's parts - playing it is like entering a different dimension - an unbelievable synergy of wood, metal, electronics and your personal artistry.
I am looking forward to playing this guitar for the rest of my life. I will send you a CD in a few months.

Thanks again.
Jim (Earlewood no.318)

We have had the guitar for a little over a week now and I wanted to let you know how ecstatic and appreciative we are to have this particular guitar.
Outside of the amazed looks from our friends and fellow guitar players who have seen the guitar, we are again amazed at the finish work, unique features, feel, and for a limited time the beautiful unique color. I like a thin neck and the neck is perfect for me. The overall light weight and balance makes the guitar very comfortable.
Then you plug it in. We have some very nice guitars including a couple of Quicksilvers. However the rich full voicing of this JET is unbelievable. It comes through regardless of the selector switch setting. It's just another level above anything else we own. It's hard to imagine any guitar sounding better. So I'm probably done buying electric guitars in search of tone.

Thanks again for a truly amazing guitar. MFG

Milo and Marty Medriano

July 2007

Hi Jeffrey,
I hope that you are not bored with praise after all that has been said about your wonderful guitars, and that it still means something to get glowing feedback! I came across your web site by accident having come into some money and looking for an ultimate instrument, (I have been playing for nearly 40 years, and have collected, and use, many fine guitars inc. gibsons & fenders, in fact I bought a Les Paul deluxe 35 years ago which I use constantly and didn't imagine I could be tempted from that fine worn well used instrument). I was struck by the many testimonials raving on about the guitars you produce, not just on your site, but wherever I looked, but being in the UK I didn't have a chance to try one. What clinched it for me to buy one un-played were the many references to the exquisite playability of the guitars and the impact this had made on many seasoned players. Playability summed up what I was looking for, not digital effects or gadgets, but an instrument that just fell to hand and inspired you to play.
I have to admit to being a little worried while waiting for my Earlewood to arrive, could it possibly live up to the hype?... I haven't been able to put it down since it arrived!, it IS everything I had hoped it would be and more, I'm knocked out mate! (and become unfaithful to my Gibson!!)

Many thanks & keep up the fine fine work.
Tim Boulton (no. 298)

March 2007

Hey what's up man. Just a couple of things. First, I'm the owner of JET #205, a Spalted Earlewood, and I could not be any happier. It's not only the best looking instrument I've seen (maybe I'm a bit biased), but it's the best playing guitar I've ever played or owned. It's the first guitar I've had where there isn't even one thing about it's playability that bothers me; it's playability is flawless and inspiring. I went from Jacksons to McNaught and now to my JET and there is no comparison. I'm a spoiled kid now...


December 2006

Dear Mr. Terwilliger,
I purchased JET Earlewood #206 from Ed Roman about a year ago. It is by far the best guitar I've ever played, and by far the most beautiful I've ever seen. Your craftsmanship and attention to detail are truly top shelf. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your work. I will without a doubt buy a JET next time I'm in the market for a guitar.
Best wishes for a very successful 2007,


December 2006

Hello Jeffrey,
I recently wrote to you asking about a few of your different guitars and after much deliberation I purchased #200. Well I can not express how happy I am. I knew that after reading all your write-ups they must be good, but oh my god this has to be the understatement of the century. You are the Stradivarius of the GUITAR WORLD. It is magnificent. The finish is exceptional and the sound is amazing and the sustain! I have played the best Fender's, the best Gibson's and some great PRS's but this is truly the next level and beyond. So all that is left to say is, thank you.


July 2006

Hi. I just received Earlewood #215 I bought at Ed Roman's. It is just an unbelievable work of art. Oh yeah, it plays and sounds better than any guitar I have ever owned, and I've played just about all of them (PRS, McInturff, Gibson and Fender custom shops, etc.)

Thanks for doing what you're doing and you may hear from me in the future to order another Earlewood with Piezo.

Jay Egolf

September 2005

Hey Jeff,
I received my Caldera #225 yesterday . I must say that from reading all of the testimonials and hearing all the hype, I expected a nice is usually the case when I get all "psych-ed up" from hype, I expected the guitar to meet my expectations, or fall short in some way. Unbelievably, the guitar actually exceeded my expectations and the hype. I have never known that to happen. As beautiful as it looked in the pictures, it looks even better in person. The pictures can't do full justice, nor can words or hype. When I opened the case I was indeed amazed at the vibrant reddish orange color and beautiful 3 dimensional flame. The attention to detail in every aspect, is immediately apparent. I spent the first 30 minutes just looking at it!!!

I had it shipped to my office. So, I didn't have an amp immediately available. However, I played it unplugged and was amazed again. The sustain and resonance are very apparent, even unplugged. I could feel the string vibrations right through the back of the guitar into my chest, almost as if I was playing an Acoustic. I think I was resonating!! JET, the first guitar company to couple the player to the guitar!!! I love the cutaway at the top of the back. It makes the guitar sink right into my chest and is incredibly comfortable. Cool design feature!!

Here's the most surprising thing. I read much of the hype on the reactions of other people to the guitars. I didn't think much of that. I like nice things, but I'm not the type of person that shows off. So, that part of the testimonials didn't strike me very much. Anyway, I was playing the guitar in my office unplugged, and a guitar playing colleague of mine walked by and said, "What is that?" He was enthralled with it. When he played it, he couldn't get over the way it felt. He's still talking about it!! He called me this morning to ask me more questions about it. He simply won't stop telling me how much he liked it and thought about it overnight. Why am I saying this? Because it confirms the testimonials in every way, and it confirms that it's not just me getting excited about a new guitar. This is one time that I can say that "you can believe everything you read".

Lastly, I feel the need to comment on the tone. Tone is such a subjective thing, and there is really no way to effectively put into words... However, the awesome tone of my Caldera can't go unrecognized. I've been playing guitar for 25 years, both acoustic and electric. I've owned many guitars, mostly high end, and I know what I like when it comes to tone. For the last 15 years I've been an exclusive PRS player. I own two custom 24's a McCarty Rosewood and a Modern Eagle. I love these guitars, however, there is always something that I can't get one of them to do. So, I switch up for different sounds. I can honestly say that this Caldera does them all. There is no tone on the Caldera that I'm not able to achieve. So, I don't find myself wanting to move to another guitar. I used to think that the Custom 24's were versatile. Boy was I wrong! You've set a whole new bar when it comes to versatility and tone.
I know it's been said before, but you are truly a great artist. Keep up the awesome guitar making!!!

Joe Levea

June 2005

I received my Caldera on 05-20-05 from Ed Roman�s. Wow, when I opened up the case it looked fake it was so perfect. The color looks like the guitar is on fire, you have outdone yourself...I have showed the instrument around Orlando, and all of the reactions are the same. They get that stunned confused look, as if what they are seeing is not real. Then they ask "what is it?" Then I tell them it�s a JET. Even the non guitarists are impressed. I can honestly say that I have the best guitar in Central Florida. The tones are incredible. With the Piezo and the magnetic pickups I can get the old jazz box sound, to a flat-out scream with the humbuckers, to everything in between. It is awesome. I could not believe how light it is. The balance is right on. I do not get tired playing it for hours. The neck is so supple, I don�t have to think about what I am playing it just happens, and that is an incredible feeling. So once again thank you for time and efforts, you are a true artist.

Dave Oliver
Orlando, Florida

May 2005

I received JET Earlewood #210 today! You have created another masterpiece! You have met and exceeded whatever expectations I was hoping for !! Absolutely looks great, and sounds even better! Very hard to put it down!
The whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts. It is going to take me a while to explore the subtleties this instrument is capable of, but that will be time well spent.
It was also important that we had such excellent communication during the evolution of the instrument, which allowed a more interesting and a better instrument to finally emerge. You really have created a timeless classic as far as I am concerned... absolutely fantastic !

Thanks again.

R. Scott Russell

January 2005

Dear Jeffrey,
The purpose of the note is to thank you for building my astounding Earlewood #184 (purchased from Ed Roman's Las Vegas store). I own a good number of exceptional instruments - however this guitar is the best. It is a beautiful work of art...screaming purple, korina body, gold hardware, matching headstock, Seymour Duncan black-back pickups and the fantastic parrots in the jungle fretboard inlays.
As beautiful as this guitar is, the playability is even better. The sound is beyond compare and it is so easy to play. It has a throaty sound when I want it and a sizzling high end sound when I want that...or both at the same time. The body contour is outstanding. In fact, I noticed that when seated it actually melts into your body which means I tend to play it longer and practice harder. There is one problem however...the few other people that I have allowed to play it will not put it down once they have picked it up and certainly don't want to give it back to me. For this reason I can't let it out of my sight.
Thanks for your dedication, hard work and proof that a custom made guitar from a master is far better than anything that is built by big name guitar companies. Gary Vescio

January 2004

Dear Jeff,
Here's my thank you for the phenomenal guitar you built for me. This Earlewood is truly an incredible piece of lutherie. Words are a poor substitute for the feelings I have about the guitar...This is my first venture into the world of expensive electric guitars, but like most of my endeavors, was made with a great deal of care and consideration...
This guitar is just absolutely awesome. The phenomenal coloring job you did on the gorgeous quilt produces a look that one could lose oneself in for hours. The shape is so pleasing, and the inlay complements the beautiful woods to create something that is just classically beautiful. No guitar I have seen begins to compete... When I compare it to the other guitars I have or have had, it just stands out with the best tone and a wide variety of pleasing sounds. It will bark, bite, croon, sing, growl, ring, sustain, and about every other word I can think to describe what an electric guitar will do. The balance of the sound from string to string and up and down the neck just seems great! I've got several amps, but find myself playing it through my old Fenders and just being amazed.
This guitar is phenomenally easy to play. It makes me at least a 20% better guitarist than I was with any of my other guitars. I'm a little hesitant to play it and wear the frets, scratch the finish, etc, but I know it would be an incredible waste to not use it. It would be like having a Ferrari you never got out of the garage. You only go around once, so I might as well go around with the best. I will believe this is the best solid body electric guitar made until someone can prove me otherwise with a hands on demonstration. Thank you so much for building this guitar for me. For your sake and the sake of the guitar lovers of the world, I hope you can surpass it as your experience grows. Quite frankly, I'm not sure you will ever do better.

Dan Brown

November 2003

My name is Craig Casca. I purchased JET Earlewood #139 from Ed Roman in October. I liked it so much I just bought Earlewood #145. Both guitars are awesome. You are an incredible craftsman. I have been playing for 30 years and have a nice Les Paul and a Strat, but your guitar is the best by far. I am spreading the word here in California. By the way the color on #145 is SPECTACULAR.

Thanks, Craig Casca

September 2003
Jeffrey Earle Terwilliger:

Thank you so much for my lefty JET Earlewood PLUS (with dancing yin/yang inlays). I absolutely love the guitar. I was a bit hesitant in ordering a guitar that I did not have a chance to play and there are many custom builders out there that make all sorts of wild claims. I must tell you that you have definitely made a believer out of me. In over 25 years of playing, I have never played a guitar which seems to be carved around the player. Instead of having to adapt myself to a guitar, I finally have a guitar which adapts to me and my inspiration. It just feels right.

I will treasure it always. Thank you.
Ralph Guerra

April 2003:
Selected portions from 2 long letters, organized into categories
...The sheer drop-dead-gorgeousness of the guitar esthetically, the perfection of fit and finish, the multitude of exquisite details. The guitar is so pretty, it's easy to become obsessed over it's looks...When I opened the case I was stunned, just as people have said I would be. Even though mine has "quiet" figuring (and it came out just perfect for me Jeff) it's still absolutely gorgeous, way and away the most beautiful guitar I've ever seen, to put it mildly.

What can I say Jeff? It's truly amazing. I wanted more of them right away... First of all, the lightness of the whole instrument, the palpable feel of the tone chambers whenever you bear the weight of the guitar, it's so... ethereal, bro! It conveys so much more the sense of a fine instrument in one's hands that by comparison the standard type of solid body electric guitar now seems like a numb-witted, spiritless slab.
But it's the neck that is absolutely beyond compare... It makes this the easiest, fastest, most comfortable, and just plain most fantastic feeling guitar I've ever played. Every other neck I've ever played, even ones I've loved, has always had something, somewhere along its length, that could have been a bit different and better-feeling, or so it seemed. There's just flat nothing like that about yours. Any discernable change to it's shape would inevitably be for the worse. This is truly the perfect neck, which somehow manages to feel sleek, thin, petite and sexy while at the same time feeling wide and substantial. The compound radius, the size and shape, the satin finish -- this neck is the bomb bro! The neck alone would make this the finest electric I've ever played.

...I plugged the Earlewood into a small amp (Marshall AVT50). Well, I love it even more now! The diversity of sounds is fantastic, from vintage Gibson to Strat, and even Telecaster, I found them all. I'm all the more blown away by the neck now. Playing it unplugged, I knew I was fingering harder than I'd need to when electrified, and when I finally got wired I was able to tread so lightly that the neck feels even faster now. This guitar has so many virtues it's difficult to enumerate them. The tone-chambered design of the body, which not only gives the guitar a warmth and richness that eclipses any standard "solid body" but also gives the guitar, as a physical instrument, a lightness and feeling of balance that no other electric has.

I'm so grateful to have been able to buy a guitar like this and for the fact that there are still master crafts persons like yourself in this seemingly diminishing world... thanks for building this guitar for me Jeffrey Earle!
Chuck Salman, ser. no. 115

April 2003

Hey Jeff, I bought Earlewood #105...its gorgeous!!! i just wanted to tell you how absolutely impressed I am with your craftsmanship and the amazing playability of this magnificent specimen. If anyone I know is looking for a new high quality guitar I'm sending them to you.

Best Wishes and Thank You!
Jeremy Storer

February 2003

I just have to thank you for making such fantastic guitars! I bought Earlewood #97 from Ed Roman a couple of weeks ago and finally had the opportunity to gig with it last night. It was probably the most fun I�ve ever had playing guitar in the 35 years I�ve been doing it. I have a pile of really great guitars, but the number of people who found me after last night�s gig to ask what that guitar was and how I got that tone was unprecedented for me. FYI. I bought the guitar without even plugging it in because I liked the neck feel so much, figuring it would probably sound OK, at least with the Duncan Black Backs. So I was not prepared for what I found when I plugged it in when I got it home. I am especially enjoying the bridge single-coil position. I haven�t before found a humbucker guitar with a good bridge single-coil sound, so I�ve been gigging for years with a humbucker guitar (most recently PRS) and a Tele, which has made for too many guitar changes, inability to change sounds within a song, etc. Your guitar does it great, which is part of the reason I�m having so much fun playing it. Just fabulous.
Thanks again from a very happy player!

Andy Rappaport
Woodside, CA USA

August 2002
Hello Jeffrey,

I just received my JET guitar & I am utterly blown away. I have searched over a 5 year period for the "ultimate" guitar & it has all culminated in the JET. I have always been a Gibson/ Fender "custom" shop proponent & have owned many of their guitars. Quite simply, the JET just stands alone in quality, sound & craftsmanship. It is so satisfying to have spent my money & got back at least what it was worth in product. Every aspect of the guitar is exceptional & the vibe is amazing. It is hard to believe that for the same money as a Les Paul or PRS, you can get a truly "handmade" guitar by a master craftsman. Not to mention that this guitar could stand alone as a ornate piece of art.

Mine is a dark golden amber & has beautiful natural flame. It is not typical in that it is not really an even flame. It is constant throughout the entire top & at times is "tighter" than in other parts, creating an undulating effect that is downright "jaw-dropping". The tone-pros bridge combined with the string thru concept is a work of genius giving the guitar a unique, unparalleled feel & playability. It is very loud, clear & defined even without plugging it in. You can really feel the reverberations because of the tone-chambers. I think this design allows a huge tonal spectrum unavailable in every other traditional solid-body electric. The Seymour Duncans sound phenomenal clean, or crunched to death, & the 2-knob 5 way-switch combo is perfect, an economical design to get the most out of your pick-ups. The Schaller tuners are great & I take comfort in being "Kluson-free". Thank you for going the extra mile to match the headstock wood & performing all the finer points of your craft. The maple binding on the neck is such a classy touch, it reminds you that you have something very special in your hands. I honestly feel like I have the best guitar in the world. There is no going up from here!

Gareth Murphy
JET #0062

July 2002

I Just received EW#68. It is awesome (as you well know). I was very impressed with your work, and would like to be kept in mind in the future if, and when you start another series as unique as this one. I don't know how you did it, but this is the first guitar I have found that feels right. I picked it up and said @#$%, where have you been? I am 100% sold on your guitar. I stayed up all night last night finger picking. I'll gladly endorse your guitar (see phone number). I also own two Taylors, a Texas Fat Strat, and I just sold a Les Paul. None are as comfortable as this one. I bought it as a collector, but can't put it down. (Figures!) Remember the story about Stevie Ray Vaughan finding #1? The guy in the music store tried to sell him everything else in the store, but he insisted on taking that beat up looking guitar because of the "feel". That's what I have with this neck. I was bar chording chords I have been unable to get to on the strat, with ease on the EW.

Thanks a million!
Kelly V. Glazener

April 2002
Hi Jeffrey,

I don't know where to begin telling you how fantastic this guitar is. I now question if I'm dreaming that I own such a beautiful priceless work of art. I played it 'out' for the first time today at the church where I've played for three years. As the music got hotter I could hear myself clearly in the mix for a change. It really held it's own with the Hammond B-3 and drums behind eight enthusiastic singers. Then they opened the door in front right next to where I sit and I saw it in direct sunlight. You described the top as "diamond-y,cloudy" but you didn't tell me that in the right light at the right angle you can see so deep into the wood! If there's ever a way to make a guitar better than mine I'm sure you'll be the one to figure it out. I am just astounded that you can put guitars together this well. It excels in every category: workmanship, playability, sound. After almost two weeks playing it every day it still leads me to new levels of playing. Thank you for everything.

Yours truly,
Bruce W.

March 2002
Hello Jeffrey,

I just received my guitar and I am awestruck! What an outstanding looking instrument. When the UPS driver delivered it he asked what kind of guitar it was, so I invited him in to "check it out." When I got it open both of our jaws dropped, ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! I had to write down yours' and Ed Romans' site to get him to leave. After staring at the birdseye top for a half hour, I plugged her in and couldn't put it down til well after midnight. What an amazing variety of tones through my JCM 900 and '74 twin. Did I mention the effortless playability! No buzz anywhere, excellent setup! At first I thought it was too beautiful to play but since I started I can't stop. Thank you very much for building such a high quality instrument!

Yours Truly,
Art Lake (Earlewood #066)

January 2002
Hi Jeffrey,

I was not disappointed by the fit and finish; it is beautiful! I love the hardwood binding - its a treat to look at. The dark blue finish appealed to me as well - there is a beautiful quilt there, but it is subtle, and I think it was very consistent with this particular guitar's mystique - there seemed to always be a little more to it than met the eye. I also like the waxing / waning moon inlays - again, somehow especially appropriate for this guitar.
One thing I did not expect (and was delighted by) was how aggressive the guitar sounded - it rocks!. I compared it to several other excellent guitars by other makers, many with similar components and woods, and the Earlewood consistently sounded more full and "up front" - the sound suits my style perfectly. The single coil sounds were all very good as well - rich and defined, with a nice attack.
Also, the Earlewood was amazingly responsive. I tend fret hard, with a big vibrato, and hit the strings hard with a very heavy pick. This has caused tuning problems with other guitars. However, even with the Earlewood strung with .009's, the chords stayed in tune, and hitting the strings hard only seemed to bring out more harmonics; as if it had infinite headroom. I can't wait to see how it reacts with .010's on it!
The neck profile is very good for me; almost ideal. One thing I noticed was that the neck feels "hard" somehow in comparison to other guitars I tried - this is not a complaint, merely an observation. I'm going to have to lighten up my left hand a little!
One final note: This guitar was a gift from my wife for our 10 year wedding anniversary. I decided that I wanted to something special that would mirror the occasion and the sentiment. I own a '56 Les Paul custom that I absolutely love, and wanted to find an equally unique guitar that I would feel the same way about. Thanks to your skill and craftsmanship, I think I've succeeded.

Kind regards,
Chris Duval

November 2001
(review by John D'Orto, see photo below)

The guitar was perfectly set up straight from the builder. The action was perfect (no kidding!) and there was not a dead spot anywhere on the neck.
* * *
All aspects of this guitar are of the highest quality.
* * *
I have been playing for 19 years and this is the finest guitar that I have ever owned or even played, for that matter. I have played a couple of McNaughts and I think that this is definitely far better. My other electric guitars are a 1993 PRS Custom 24, 1969 Les Paul Custom and a 40th Anniversary Stratocaster. This guitar pretty much disgraces all of them. In fact, I really don't play the others too much anymore. If the guitar was lost or stolen it would be a high priority to replace it. I chose this guitar because of the fantastic playability and sound plus the unbeatable looks and craftsmanship. I have owned this guitar for 3.5 months so this is not a new product high kinda review. This is about as good as it gets folks.

September 2001

Thanks so much for building such an incredible guitar. It has made all my other guitars collect dust. This is BY FAR the best sounding, most playable guitar I have ever touched. I used to think I wanted a McInturff or PRS, until I got a hold of yours. It's like comparing copper to gold! I must also add that my purple JET gets a lot of attention at shows. People always come up to me after every show and ask all kinds of questions about my JET. I look forward to adding a tremolo version of the JET so I can bury my strats. Thanks again for building such an incredible guitar.

Steve Simpson
Rocco's Collar
(See photo below)

August 2001
Hello Jeffrey!

I'm the very happy owner of Earlewood #042. I find this guitar inspirational, it has great tone and just a sweet, sweet vibe. Finding the JET Earlewood is the result of a long, long, search for a perfect guitar for me, it always seems like I would have to compromise in my guitars. I could never find one that really had it all: The looks, the tone, and the playability. Well, the JET has it all! So I've sold my other four guitars and the JET has taken their place. I love its style and I also really like your "carnivore" body style. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be in touch again at some point.
Thanks again!

Wayne Gregoire

August 2001

I don't even know what to say - I just got JET serial # 028 in Bronze Idol and I am utterly floored by this guitar. I traded a hand built Warrior on this instrument, and all I can say is that I do not miss the Warrior at all. I am truly at a loss for words, If you start producing other models just go ahead and put me down for the first one!

Thanks for all your help Jeff,

David Shinsel

La Grande, OR

May 2001

I got the Earlewood guitar. It's amazing! It sounds great, plays great and looks awesome. T he color was exactly what I was looking for! The neck profile is nailed it. I buy guitars all the time, mainly from guys like yourself, because you can build to order and you never stop searching for perfection. In my humble opinion you stand shoulder to shoulder with McInturff, and Moonstone. The Hipshot tremolo responds better than any other whammy on the planet. The more I play, the better it gets. Thanks again.

God bless, Tom Ivory

Hi Jeffrey,

I got the Earlewood just yesterday and I have to say, "Oh My God.....!" It's an incredible guitar- really stunning quilt, gorgeous deep finish, and a very pleasant and unexpected surprise to see the new headstock which looks terrific. Makes my 3 PRS's with "10" tops look rather ordinary....The white maple neck binding looks sensational. Fret work is first-rate. Lots of attention to detail. Did I mention it is pleasantly lightweight, and the body is thin and comfortable?

Then came the good part- I started playing it. When I finally managed to put it down some hours later and stepped away to look at it, I realized this really is a beautiful guitar (again). But what grabs me more than anything is the low and wonderful action across the whole fretboard- must be the compound radius. I found no dead spots or spots where the strings fret out. Intonation was dead-on, in fact the guitar was almost perfectly in tune out of the box which must say something for the tuning stability! Having 24 frets, and easy access to them, is refreshing and very gratifying.

All in all a very playable guitar and it compels me to spend a lot of time with it. I can't imagine ever selling this one and that's what a great guitar is all about, eh? Thank you!

Jeff C. Eckert

My Earlewood guitar is one of the finest handcrafted guitars in the world. I would feel confident to tell those interested in purchasing a Les Paul, PRS, or Strat, that you would be happier with a JET! Great balance and comfort, a fast low action neck, and most important the guitar sings! Truly a fine handcrafted instrument that I am proud to own and play. Earlewood serial #009.

Ron Wyse
Seattle, Wa USA

Second Letter !!!

1 November, 2000

My serial #009 Jet now has another family member in the same house, serial #025, one of the new Caribbean Special Edition 'Parrots in the Jungle' Jet guitars. Thanks Jeffrey, another masterpiece. Truly one of the finest guitars in the world. Jeffrey has the artistic vision that is creating both in sound and craftsmanship the most amazing hand crafted guitars. I am very proud to own my second JET. Outstanding resonance and most important it is a comfortable guitar to play. Perfect balance, tone and response! Consistency between both guitars is the ultimate test of perfection, and this is another great guitar. Thanks again.

Ron Wyse
Seattle, Wa USA

I thought I'd write to let you know that I succumbed to temptation and bought EW #023 a few weeks ago. I just couldn't resist the combination of the 10-to-the-tenth flame maple top with the deep mystic blue finish and the gorgeous tree of life fingerboard inlay. When it was delivered, I was further amazed by the beautifully grained mahogany body and the way you had finished the body and neck in a shade that really works with the blue top. The HIGHLY flamed maple binding on the neck and headstock is the kind of detail that sets your instruments apart from anything else I've ever seen. As the proud and very satisfied owner of EW #008 I was a little concerned that, while cosmetically very different, EW #023 would sound essentially the same and I would have to justify its place in my collection on looks alone. Again I was pleasantly surprised. No doubt because of the direct mounted pick-ups (by the way, the ebony pick-up surrounds are fabulous), the slightly thinner body and the 5-way blade switch, EW #023 is a completely different sonic experience. Although the analogy really doesn't do justice to either of your instruments, I sort of view EW #023 as my Strat (and Tele and SG) and EW #008 as my Les Paul (and, no BS, L-4). Thank you so much for making such great guitars, and keep up the good work.

Terrence Bessey

With gratitude for the opportunity of owning such a finely crafted instrument, I'm pleased to say that the Earlewood model sets standards of excellence that will please my sensibilities for a lifetime of musical enjoyment. The fretboard plays like a dream and the guitar is nicely balanced. For the discerning musician, this instrument evokes tonal nuance and sweet harmonics... and that's just the beginning. Thanks, Jeffrey, for what you do.

K Hendrickson (serial #012)

19 January 2000
Having just unpacked this guitar, my first impression was that it was quite beautiful. The work looked first-rate, and certainly you'd incorporated all the best hardware. It sure FEELS nice! Then I put it through its paces. This is a very fine guitar! It is the type that inspires me to play things I normally wouldn't have thought to play. it's got that quality that is virtually impossible to find in production guitars, and is often rare even among the so-called "high-end" guitars: it's called MAGIC. The JET is very vibrant and nicely balanced, great tone across the board. I am enjoying your work immensely. Jeffrey, I congratulate you. Given the fact that JET guitars don't have the familiarity of a PRS, Anderson, or even Brian Moore, I'm sure you can understand that my decision to buy took something of a "leap of faith." At the moment, I'm glad I jumped. This is one fine playing instrument, with a sound that is rich and complex. The workmanship is excellent and shows enormous attention to detail. I'd easily put JET in the same class as many of the better-known high-end guitars, except that your guitar is completely handmade, incorporates all kinds of fresh, new ideas, and has a distinct personality all its own. I have posted a review on
Harmony Central's guitar database. I hope many others get the chance to experience your creativity and craftsmanship. Thank you.

Tom Spellman




Hi Stephan & Ed:

I had wanted to contact you sooner, but really only got to spend some time with JET #261 this past weekend.

In short, the thing is absolutely amazing. It looks like it�s on fire!  Until I visited your shop last June and played a JET, I was convinced I owned the greatest guitar in the world: My PRS Signature #197.  I had been looking for a single cutaway, solid body archtop for a long, long time that would give me a fuller sound than my PRS Signature, but I was completely unprepared for just how amazing the JET was.  I had been lusting over one ever since.  Simply put, I have never played anything like it in my 22 years since first picking up the guitar.  In addition to being one of the most visually stunning instruments I have ever laid my eyes upon, the sound and playability of the JET are just unreal.  It is EXACTLY what I had been searching for: A better player (amazing compound radius neck with satin finish) with an extended bottom and top end from what the PRS offers.  It makes a typical $5,000 Gibson Les Paul �59 Reissue sound dead and dull by comparison (not to mention a few pounds lighter), and the coil tap option provides versatility that the Gibson can�t touch.  I think the single coil sounds are even truer than the PRS.

At any rate, I�m glad to finally be a paying customer of Ed Roman�s World Class Guitars and can�t wait to come in and shop for another fine instrument next time I am in Vegas.

Thanks again,

Adam M. Zaiger, Esq.

Unsurpassable Beauty Hand Carved Radius Archtop

------- Forwarded message ----------
From: RnDHoover
To: Ed Roman
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 05:55:46 EDT
Subject: Jet 278 testimonial


I had my first conversation with you about ten years ago on the phone in which I was looking for a neck for a Kramer guitar.

The subject soon changed to my Les Paul recording (which was retrofitted with three humbucking pick-ups). I proudly commented how it was the finest playing guitar that I had ever touched. Your comment was that it was the worst. BAM, Oh you "Son Of A Bitch" was the first thing that entered my mind along with a host of other "flavorable" thoughts.

It took me about five years of hard playing and sneaking back to your website (What is that SOB ranting about now?) to discover the shortcomings of the outdated tech of this guitar and to discover just where you were coming from.

It finally dawned on me that there was a slim chance you might just know a little more about guitars than me (No Sh**).        

After my "rebirth", I decided to climb out of the cave and purchase a new guitar. I completely wore out your website and decided to put my fate in your hands. If I was going to spend this kind of money, I needed to do it once and only once. I found myself drawn to the JET section of your site over and over again.

The testimonials and your very high regards for Jeff's talent (That's what really sealed the deal) made me select JET to be my next guitar. I proceeded with the order and all the other things involved through your store and to shorten the story, I am looking at my JET 278 PLUS CARRIBEAN BURST as I'm pecking away at this keyboard. There is nothing more I can say about JET guitars that has not been said time and time again. This one is stunning in every aspect (beauty and playability) I would like to sincerely thank you and your staff for making this dream a reality. 

 Andrew Hoover, Naples Florida