JET Guitars Endorsers

JET Guitars Endorsers


Roine Stolt has become the dominant progressive rock guitarist/composer of the 21st century. He started his career in the late 60's playing bass in local rock bands, covers of Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Beatles and King Crimson. The psychedelic era really made an impression and groups like The Doors, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Vanilla Fudge, Procol Harum and the Beatles "Magical Mystery..." era was the new exciting world of music in his youth.
Switching to guitar in 1973 (a Hagstrom "Swede") plugged into a blackface Fender Bassman amp with JBL cabinet,  Roine joined KAIPA, a hard-working, professional, progressive rock band with daily rehearsals. It was a magical experience for a 17-year old musician. The group made three successful albums on the DECCA label and was busy touring more than 100 gigs a year, including national TV and radio performances in Scandinavia.
In 1979 he left KAIPA to form FANTASIA and made three albums, then started working as a session musician, arranger and producer learning all the mysteries of the studio.

The 90's saw the rebirth of progressive rock and the time was right for a revisit, so Stolt recorded and released the CD "The Flower King" in 1994. (This was around the same time that Neal Morse recorded "The Light", the other major prog breakout of the 90's.) It was an album that tried to unleash the forces of good in the negative, violent, aggressive, competitive music business of today. Reinstate the old hippie ideals, lyrically and musically. It was a smashing success, and since then The Flower Kings have released nine more studio albums, gaining more fans with each one.  The Flower Kings have now grown into a international prog rock act and business of medium size, touring every  year in USA and Europe in the club and small theater size venues. Like Zappa and King Crimson, they are also becoming known as the best band to join to advance one's music education & horizons.
Roine has also kept busy with numerous side projects around the world, notably "Trans Atlantic" featuring Mike Portnoy, Neal Morse & Pete Trewavas - a true supergroup of near nuclear brilliance.
Throughout The Flower Kings years Roine relied on an Ibanez (the one with the bird head painting) and later a Parker for live performances. Recently he has been working his custom-ordered JET Earlewood* into the shows. 

Roine Stolt  with his JET Earlewoods

This guitar was custom ordered by Roine Stolt of The Flower Kings. It is the first JET to feature the ultra-sophisticated Skyway tremolo bridge - (there are only 3 Skyway equipped JET's in existence). Unfortunately, Roine stipulated a piezo system and the piezo saddles are still under development. When it became clear that missed deadlines were becoming too routine, a second JET was started using a Hipshot bridge equipped with Graph Tech saddles.  The original shown here is for sale and is completely functional except there is no piezo. However it is ready for a drop-in retrofit when it becomes available, all the wiring is already done. The "magnetic" circuit features a unique wiring scheme to provide virtually any tone from the out-of-phase pickups.
The controls are
Master volume, Blend, 15-position Tone Styler, & Piezo Volume (not connected). Switches are Piezo/Mag (upper bout), Bridge Pickup Blow, and (2) 3 position pickup coil switches that give series, parallel or single coil.
This guitar is currently strung 049-011 and tuned down 1 wholestep, but Jeffrey can set it up differently if you like.
The only other personal touch is "RS" inlaid at the 12th fret. If you so desire Jeffrey will change this inlay to 2 letters of your choice for only $50 before shipping.  The rather unflattering picture of Roine shows both guitars on the day they were exchanged.


 Shawn Saranam with his JET guitar


Author, Musician, Songwriter
Multitalented Shawn Saranam recently added this JET to his Guitar Arsenal.

September 2008
Hi Ed,
Instead of hastily reacting to the brilliance of the JET guitar and quickly proclaiming it the best guitar I've ever played, I've taken my time with it. I 'opened it up' (as much as I could), played various styles on it (except slide, as I keep the action fairly low), experimented with the numerous sound possibilities, experimented with the tuning and the tremolo bar, and even did some E-bowing.
I can say, after experimenting with it over the last couple of months, that it is by far the best guitar I've ever played, and certainly owned. It is certainly in the top ten of most beautiful guitars I have ever seen, either in person or in photographs. Here is a photo, but it by no means does it any justice.
Thanks for helping me to arrive at such an incredible instrument and work of art. I've never been able to hold onto a guitar, always buying and selling in the search for the better instrument. Finally, I've landed on one that's for keeps.
Sankara Saranam
Earlewood No. 346