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Titanium Floyd Rose Tremolos   

When Fender First Bought Jackson

The worst thing that happened was they discontinued a lot of the very cool obscure models. One can only assume that Fender's legal department probably decided it wasn't worth fighting with the overly litigious Gibson Guitar company on some of those old fuddy dud 60 year old designs. 

I am looking for suggestions for this page,  Please send me pictures of anything you think I missed. As of this writing I have to say the quality & value of the Jackson product is still excellent.

Jackson is still the best deal on a neck through body USA made guitar. I think they are the only ones who are actually in full production at this time. Their only real competitors for the neck through market is BC Rich and my own Abstract Brand.  Both BC Rich & Abstract cannot compete with their prices due to the fact that BC Rich only makes approximately 300 USA  guitars a year and Abstract only makes about 225 a year !

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As of 2007 BC Rich is no longer offering American Made Neck Thru Guitars, Today even their 7,000.00 ones are all imports so Jackson has only one real competitor "Abstract Guitars"



Vinnie Vincent Model 
High Quality USA Made Replica Available

Very rare, highly sought after very few were made because they were extremely expensive.

 Vinnie Vincent was probably one of the most talented members of Kiss but anyone who knows him will tell you he was his own worst enemy.  Talented people are usually quite eccentric & sometimes very hard to work with or get along with.  It's a bit of a trade off.
We are offering replicas of this guitar with numerous other options, headstock designs and we even make a replica of the old Charvel bolt on version.   Call Our Custom Shop (702) 597-0147

Randy Rhoads Models

I generally will have a large selection of different USA made RR Guitars.  I have also constructed exact replicas of the Original model that was built for Randy.

I am in the market to buy  Randy Rhoads White Ltd Edition Sharkfin V's, Please contact me if you have one to sell.  Top dollar paid !!!!

Yes I have Originals in Stock  with Floyds or Std Trems
Custom Shop Version Available for 1/3  the price of an original.

Original Jackson Randy Rhoads Guitars

The Jackson polka dot Randy Rhoads model was incorrect
The polka dots were too large and the headstock is totally wrong.
This is not a recommended collector item for that reason.

Ed Roman offers a much better & lower cost version !!
See Below
There are cheaper ones available but the difference in sound & playability is huge

Original Harpoon Headstock
The Neck Thru Body Model starts at $3,000.00

Faithful reproduction of Randy's original model by Abstract Guitars
Guitar can be had with Vintage Tremolo, Ebony Fretboard or anything you like..

The Roswell Rhoads Guitar
We are looking to buy more of these!

Namm Show Custom Shop Set

 Discontinued Jackson Guitars

Sometimes I get calls for discontinued Jackson, Hamer, Ibanez, Washburn, ESP Guitars.  Models like the Vinnie Vincent, The Alien, Warthog, Death Angel, The Californian, The Virtuoso, The Scarab, The Demon, Many Different Explorer & V  Shapes  & many others that weren't even named.

Copyright problems
I will only custom build you a replica as long as Jackson or their parent company Fender has no objections.  We construct all of our neck thru replicas out of the finest materials and no expense will be spared to create you the finest guitar that money can buy. We will not affix any improper decals.

Our prices are going to be higher than a standard everyday Jackson, However our prices will be quite a bit lower than Custom Shop models.

We fully guarantee our quality to be as good or better than any custom shop.  Our Luthiers & Woodworkers include Alumni from Jackson USA, BC Rich USA, Carl Thompson USA, Ibanez USA, Baker USA. Hamer USA, & Bolin USA.

Our painters include Mike Learn, Dan Lawrence, Mark Wilson, Ryan Evans, Shawn Ortiz, Adam Stark & many of the original Dean, BC Rich, Jackson painters.  

We Have Many old Jackson Catalogs For Sale

Handmade High Quality, Replica Available Call Ed Roman

We love trade In's  or we will buy your guitar for cash
(702) 597-0147

 "The Warthog"  

Death Angel Bass
Replica's are available

The Jackson Death Angel Guitar

Jackson Flying Vee Discontinued
Prices will be very high on these guitars someday !!!!

Discontinued Dave Mustaine Model (Originals in Stock)
Replicas Available
We love trade In's  or we will buy your guitar for cash
(702) 597-0147

Discontinued Zoraxe Model (Original Jackson's in Stock)