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Jackson Guitar Gallery

Photos of Custom Shop Work From Jackson Over the Years

 Discontinued Jackson Guitar Models

Sometimes I get calls for discontinued Jackson Guitars.  Models like the Vinnie Vincent, The Alien, Warthog, Death Angel, The Demon, Many Different Explorer & V Shapes  & many others that weren't even named.

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I will only custom  build you a replica as long as Jackson or their parent company Fender has no objections.  We construct all of our neck thru replicas out of the finest materials and no expense will be spared to create you the finest guitar that money can buy.

Our prices are going to be higher than a standard everyday Jackson, However our prices will be quite a bit lower than custom shop models.

We fully guarantee our quality to be as good or better than any custom shop.  Our Luthiers & Woodworkers include Alumni from Jackson USA, BC Rich USA, Carl Thompson USA, Ibanez USA, Baker USA. Hamer USA, & Bolin USA.

Our painters include Mike Learn, Dan Lawrence, Shawn Ortiz, Mark Wilson,  & many of the original Dean, BC Rich, Jackson painters.  


Custom Double-Neck - 1.9 Years in the Making