Making Ibanez Guitars Better

 Making Ibanez Guitars Better

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Several Years back Ibanez stopped paying off endorsers and tried a different tactic.
They lowered their pricing !!!!
Now  stock Ibanez guitars are one of the very best values out there !!!!
Yes, we can make them better, but be aware they cost much more when we build them.
We don't build very many of them, ours are not made for the masses!!!!
Our Ibanez styled guitars are made for discriminating musicians who want the absolute best!!!!
We offer, Higher Quality Tone Woods, Better Pickups, sustainers, Real Floyd Rose Tremolos
We also modify stock Ibanez guitars !!!!

 An example of how Ed Roman's shop can custom build a replica of any Ibanez guitar
Ibanez Guitars are a great guitar for a great price.  But alas they don't offer custom work!
If you need custom work done on your Ibanez,  Contact Ed Roman Guitars

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 Real  Tone Wood Ibanez Satriani style guitar bodies now available.
Alder, Basswood, Korina, Quilted Maple, Mahogany etc.

Click Here For 42  Wood Choices

Painted On Real Ibanez Guitars in Ed Roman's Custom Shop

Swamp Ash Body                  Black Korina Body

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Scorpion Picasso Model

 Reasons Ed Roman's Necks are Different

1. Ed offers Ebony, Morado, Flamed Maple, Pau Ferro, Brazilian Rosewood, Macassar Ebony, Kingwood and other higher quality fingerboards.  (Just take a look at the fingerboard on that $1,500.00 Satriani JS 1000)  It would have only cost Ibanez about $30.00 more to use a nice piece of ebony  (See my article on Cost Cutting)

2. Could you imagine buying a $2,500.00 list price guitar and getting a plastic inlay.   Ed's replacement necks are available with real shell and semi precious stone inlays, Ed uses several different types of Mother of Pearl and many different types of natural abalone and abalaminate. (See  Inlay Gallery)

3. All of Ed's custom made necks are quartersawn from one piece for superior strength.  

4. Custom necks are a way of life with Ed , He can supply you with a 100% American made neck designed to fit into any neck pocket, on any guitar. Ed uses only the finest quartersawn Mahoganies, Maples and Korina for his neck blanks. You can specify the fingerboard radius, fret size, fingerboard material and finish process on your neck.  Ed has been supplying a 1500G Mod neck for PRS guitars now for over 14 years without one single failure or one single unhappy customer.  

Custom Paint from Ed Roman's Custom Shop
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Custom oil finishes available from Ed's shop
They aren't as pretty but they sound awesome