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Fender Hellecaster Guitars

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This Guitar Is Available As A Fabulous Fake

Originally G&L Guitars had the Hellecasters signed as endorsers. But back in 1998 G&L started doing things like using the USA Fender swimming pool route under the pickups and began mass producing the guitars.  I am not sure what actually happened.  I can only surmise that the members of the Hellecasters probably noticed the difference in quality and decided to jump ship.

Today Fender is actually a much better company with a much better product than G&L.

G&L raised their prices in an attempt to gain credibility with the yuppie buyer but they never really did. There was a time in history that G&L built an excellent guitar but today I am not in the least impressed with G&L.

I used to like and recommend G&L Guitars myself when they were made with the individual chamber routes.
Today I no longer recommend G&L Guitars

This set of fine guitars is perhaps one of the coolest sets that Fender has ever offered.