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Every Bass Player Needs A Fender Bass !!!

Fender Has Proven Themselves To Be The First & Most Sensible Idea When It Comes To Buying a Bass. You might not expect me to say such a thing seeing as how I personally manufacture bass guitars myself. In fact I believe some of my Bass guitars to be superior in many ways to Fender and any other brand you could look at.
However no company I have seen offers the price points that Fender does and any one who calls himself a Bass Player should own at least one or two Fender Basses.




Fender may not offer a 33 fret bass like my "Caesar Bass" or a "Scroll Bass" or a even a neck thru body bass. But they do offer great basses for practically free.  Their pricing is downright great.  Ed Roman is a Believer in Fender Bass Guitars



Fender Artist Signature Model Basses


X Duck Dunn Bass Precision Bass Booker T & The MGs, Blues Brothers band
  Duff McKagan Bass Precision Bass Guns N' Roses,  Velvet Revolver
  Frank Bello Bass Custom Bass Anthrax, Helmet
X Geddy Lee Bass Jazz Bass Rush
X Jaco Pastorius Bass Jazz Bass Jaco Pastorius
  Marcus Miller Bass Jazz Bass Miles Davis, David Sanborn, Luther Vandross
  Mark Hoppus Bass Custom Bass Blink-182, +44
  Mike Dirnt Bass Precision Bass Green Day
  Pete Wentz Bass Precision Bass Fall Out Boy
  Reggie Hamilton Bass Jazz Bass Tina Turner, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Gladys Knight
  Roscoe Beck Bass Custom Bass Robben Ford, Eric Johnson, Leonard Cohen, The Dixie Chicks
  Steve Bailey Bass Jazz Bass Billy Sheehan, Dizzy Gillespie, Jethro Tull, Lynyrd Skynyrd
X Steve Harris Bass Precision Bass Iron Maiden
  Sting Bass Precision Bass The Police
  Stu Hamm Bass Urge Bass Joe Satriani, Steve Vai
  Tony Franklin Bass Precision Bass The Firm, Blue Murder
  Urge Bass Su Hamm Joe Satriani, Steve Vai
  Victor Bailey Bass Jazz Bass Solo Artist
  Roger Waters Bass Precision Bass Pink Floyd