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Fender Kurt Cobain Guitar

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This Guitar Is Available As A Fabulous Fake

The Fender Jag-Stang is an electric guitar designed by Kurt Cobain, of the band Nirvana, intended as a hybrid of two Fender electric guitars: the Jaguar and the Mustang. Cobain suggested his idea for an instrument to Fender, resulting in two left-handed prototypes built by former Custom Shop Master Builder Larry L. Brooks, only one of which was ever played by Cobain himself.

It has been said that the instrument needed much tweaking before Cobain would have been satisfied with it, and it was shipped back to Fender for repairs before Cobain brought it with him on the European leg of Nirvana's In Utero tour in 1994, where the guitar was seldom played live. Many believe that Cobain was ultimately unsatisfied with the result and hence never completed revisions for the instrument before his death in April 1994.

Kurt Cobain's original concept for the Jagstang

Cobain's prototype Jag-Stang had a Fender Texas special pickup in the neck and a DiMarzio H-3 in the bridge. (The H-3 humbucker is not available as an individual product but the closest sounding one is the DiMarzio Evolution Pickup. Kurt is said to have hated the H-3 pickup and preferred the Seymour Duncan JB) The production model Jag-Stang includes a "vintage style" single coil pickup and one "special design" humbucker, each with its own toggle switch which a player can use to switch from "on", "off", or "out-of-phase" settings. It employs the Mustang's "Dynamic Vibrato" bridge and like both of its predecessors, it has a 24" short scale neck (an exact replica of Cobain's favorite neck, from a Fender Mustang).

There has been some criticism over the quality of the pickups and the overall lack of craftsmanship of the Jag-Stang, but many owners argue that this makes the guitar even more unique and in a way epitomises the grunge mindset of its designer.

Originally produced in the fall of 1995, after Kurt Cobain's death, Fender Japan reissued the Jag-Stang two years after its 2001 cancellation due to popular demand. Fender once again discontinued importing the Jag-Stang as of 2005.

Sorry You're Gone, Rest In Peace.