Eric Clapton Crash Guitar, Crashocaster

Eric Clapton Crashocaster Fender Guitar

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Ed Roman Guitars offers custom graphics on all models of Fender Stratocasters,
here is one of the recent ones made by Ed Roman Guitars.

Clapton Crashocaster Guitar


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This is an Eric Clapton Signature Fender Stratocaster Guitar Before:


This is an Eric Clapton Signature Fender Stratocaster Guitar After:


This Is A Recent Crashocaster Made In Our Shop (July 2009)

It Looks Great And Sounds Even Better!

We Also Did A 2200G Neck Modification On This Crashocaster.

You would have to feel this neck to understand how much better than stock it feels.

Securely Packed Away In A Tweed Case And Off To It's New Home.

Give Us A Call If You Would Like To Order One!

 Available Options & Improvements Over Fender

Gold Titanium Frets $450.00
1500 G Neck Treatment $175.00
Buzz Feiten System   (Eric's Guitars All Have This) $250.00
Earvana System $100.00
Locking Adjustable Go-Mag Tuners   (Best We Carry) $125.00
Plek Job $150.00
Hamer Sustainer Bridge   (Direct Coupled) $225.00
Original 1985 PRS Tremolo Bridge  With Solid One Piece Block & Plate Assembly  $450.00
Pearlcaster Cast Bridge   (Direct Coupled) $190.00
Babicz Direct Contact Bridge POR
Floyd Rose Bridge (Installed) $249.00
Bourns Plastic Conductive Knobs $25.00 ea
All Access Neck Joint $250.00
Straplocks $24.00
Relic' Job, Distressing $500.00
Korina Body $450.00
Duncan Pickups (USA Premium Models) 60.00 & UP
EMG Pickups (USA Premium Models) 60.00 & UP
(Direct Coupled) Neck 100.00
(Direct Coupled) Pickups  (Hard Mounted) 100.00 per 3


OVER 40 Different Designs