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BC Rich Repairs

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BC Rich Repair Job # 1

Someone's wife threw their guitar out a fifth story window.
The customer sent this guitar to me from more than 3000 miles away because no one else would touch the job.


The customer sent this guitar to me from more than 3000
miles away because no one else would touch the job.
The guitar is completely separated from itself. This required a lot of work

Finished Guitar # 1


Jotham Anderson to me
show details 10:50 AM (4 hours ago) Reply

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was surprised on the wiring job your personnel performed on the Mockingbird your shop built for me. I noticed that the wiring had internal shielding similar to military spec wiring in aircraft ( I am an avionics tech in the Navy and hold a degree in electronic engineering ). At first, I was wondering why there was no shielding paint or tape inside the cavities, but upon further inspection, now know why. I will not bore you why some of the mass market guitar builders use tape or paint , but I guess it is because of cost savings in order to make more money. Build it right the first time and build it well is what those "yahoo" builders have forgotten ( Fender, Gibson, PRS, etc...). 
J. R. Anderson

BC Rich Repair Job # 2

This BC Rich Bich Guitar was repaired once before by someone less than competent.

This guitar had a laminated paper thin top that separated off the guitar.

My customer told me it was peeling even when he picked up the guitar from the first repairman.



The wings on this guitar were removed and completely replaced.

The 10 string shelf on the back was completely built up and reinforced. The shelf was then be reshaped so that it looked like it came from the factory.

Take a look at the less than professional job done by the first repairman.

Front View,

You can see where the laminate came off on the lower wing.

The Guitar probably looked good the last time it was restored. 

But beauty is only skin deep (Literally on this one)

The most important part of restoration is to make it stronger than the original.


Finished Guitar

Old wings completely removed, new ones custom made.

Rails added.

Ready to Assemble.

Ready for Carving and Shaping.

The Finished Guitar

More Examples Of Ed Roman's Work Below


BC Rich Stealth Re-Top Highly Figured Spalted Maple Top 

Built for Jeff Frohman 1994

Refinished in Ed's Shop 2001

Rick Derringer Designed Stealth 1993

Solid Koa Explorer 1996

Bookmatched Top with Mahogany Back 1994

Bich Model with a Bookmatched Top & Korina Back 1997


Double Neck Built for Jim Nieves in Florida 1994

Retopped & Rebuilt 1995

Double Neck Virgin 1994