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Too Many Models to List!

BC Rich has made about 50 other models other than the ones listed above, They have made Explorers, V's , Les Paul's, Firebirds, Acoustics, Igniters, and countless one of a kind shapes.  I have seen triplenecked models , 5 string models, 7 string and even an 8 string Bob Conti Guitar. Obviously it would be stupid to try to list all of them. So I included an oddball models link for those guitars.

Oddball Models   It is not complete, I will get to it when I can. Pictures Welcomed


USA Hand Made
1975 to 1993


All original BC Rich neck through body guitars made in East Los Angeles or El Monte. These Guitars were among the best guitars made in the 70's. There were a few flaws with the wraparound bridge, noisy electronics and less than stellar balancing.
The balancing problem can be fixed by moving the strap pins.
However they were and are still are great  !!!!
Ed Roman Made In 1993 the first time BC Rich crashed & burned, Ed Roman purchased the existing BC Rich Factory, He also acquired 350 original USA body blanks he produced the USA Neck Thru guitars for many years. Bernie wanted him to buy the name and rights and handle all the imports but he wanted no part of the import market at that time.

Currently Ed has almost run out of the original bodyblanks and he is now producing the Abstract Guitars one at a time in his Las Vegas & Hesperia facilities. Ed came under fire from many uninformed BC Rich lovers who accused him of being an interloper because he constructed the original BC Rich Models to a much higher standard of quality.

Mexico Hand Made
Since 1997
Current Handmade guitars are still quite good but be aware they are actually made in Mexico.  The USA guitars all say made in USA on them. BC Rich has indicated they have plans to make them in the USA again but so far it's been about 12 years since the were made in the USA.  
NJ Series Original NJ originally stood for "Nagoya Japan". If you are lucky enough to find one off these originals they are quite well made.
NJ Series Current Today NJ Series guitars take on all types of quality levels. Generally they are nowhere near as good as the hand made models.
Platinum Series For Kids Under 14 years old    
Bronze Series For Kids Under 12 years old