BC Rich Pricelist

BC Rich Pricelist

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Instead of listing all models we are showing a simple primer.
We also guarantee to beat any dealers price on anything listed on the original price list
No Exceptions !!!!       No Small Print !!!!      No Bullshit !!!!

Series List Our Price ORIGINS
ASM, Warlock, All Entry Level Models 360.00 188.00 China or Indonesia
Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Model Neck Thru (Nice Guitar) 1,500.00 950.00 Korea
Master Piece Models (Mockingbird) 620.00 388.00  
ST Mockingbird Neck Through 1,350.00 850.00  
Hand Made Schuldiner model 4,800.00 3,799.00 Mexico
Hand Made Mockingbird SL  (Slash) neck Thru 5,399.00 4,199.00  
Hand Made Bolt On Models  Gunslinger etc      
40th Anniversary Model Neck Thru 5,399.00    
Hand Made Premium Top Of The Line Neck Thru POR   Mexico
Hand Made Handcrafted Custom Shop Neck Thru POR    


BC Rich's factory printed price list is terrible to try to figure out.
It's as if someone just haphazardly chose a bunch of odd guitars to put on the list.
there is no rhyme or reason to the way they are listed.
We find ourselves calling them for prices on even some of the simplest models.

it really sucks when a customer call us for a price at 5.30 in the afternoon
 because the factory has already been closed for 3 hours.
Who ya gonna call ????

If we want a price on a Jackson or a Ibanez or a Charvel we simply look it up
With BC Rich it means we have to contact the factory and if we are lucky we can a price within 3 days.
This situation is completely screwy

B.C Rich Beast

The Beast Guitar is one of BC Rich's most radical models ever.
They aren't real easy to play because the reach is somewhat restricted due to all the points.
But they are very cool looking.  Of course looks are the most important thing anyway.


Group of BC Rich Beast Guitars

B.C Rich Beast

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